Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions and Meeting Musical Goals

The new year presents us with the opportunity to consider what we may want to improve upon or accomplish over the next 12 months. Have you chosen your musical new year’s resolutions or goals yet? Read on to find popular articles relating to seven common musical resolutions, including everything from learning to play a new instrument to getting into tip-top musical shape for 2016’s auditions and performances!

Resolution #1: Learn How to Play an Instrument

How to Read Sheet Music

Did you receive a new instrument over the holidays? Perhaps you used to read sheet music, but could use a bit of a refresher. We have simple guides to the basics of reading sheet music, guitar tab and even lead sheets! Plus, find pointers on how to choose the right music teacher and how to care for your new instrument.

Resolution #2: Focus on Learning a New Skill or Technique

How to transpose sheet music

There are so many opportunities to expand our musical horizons, and we’ve collected specific tips to help you begin your journey toward mastering a new skill. Consider learning how to transpose sheet music, improve your sight reading, explore improvisation or broaden your vocal range in the coming year.

Resolution #3: Practice More

Practice Tips for Musicians

We don’t know about you, but this is the new year’s resolution that seems to pop up on our list again and again. We’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s not always as much about practicing longer as it is about practicing smarter. Read our tips for getting the most out of practice time, establishing good practice habits and overcoming practice plateaus.

Resolution #4: Become a Pro at Performing

Overcoming Stage Fright

Have you resolved to feel less anxious about this year’s auditions and recitals? Review pointers for boosting performance confidence and read about the pre-show rituals of well-known musicians.

Resolution #5: Ace an Audition

Audition Tips for Musicians

Spring musical and festival auditions will soon be upon us! Start preparing now with general recommendations for all musicians as well as specific suggestions for vocalists from top choral directors.

Resolution #6: Shape Up (Musically)

10 Stretches for Musicians

While shaping up seems to be on everyone’s new year’s resolutions lists, taking care of our bodies is especially important for musicians. We’ve offered some hand and body stretches to help keep you playing your best and vocal care essentials to keep your cords healthy in the new year.

Resolution #7: Play Something New

We hope this new year’s resolution makes its way onto your 2016 to-do list, and we’re ready and eager to help you meet your goals with the largest array of instantly downloadable, officially licensed sheet music on the planet. Browse hot new hits by all of today’s chart-topping artists,  hard-to-find indie sheet music, professionally engraved classical essentials, and absolutely everything in-between.

Do you have a musical new year’s resolution or goal you’d like to accomplish in 2016? Share your ambitions in the comments section below!

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