4th and 5th Graders Excitedly Open Their New Instruments, Donated by a Musicnotes Grant Through VH1 Save The Music Foundation

Musicnotes Teams with VH1 Save The Music Foundation to Bring Strings Back to Elementary School

The halls of one elementary school are alive with the sound of music, thanks to a partnership between Musicnotes.com and VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

Musicnotes.com sponsored a $35,000 strings program through VH1 Save the Music Foundation at Sandburg Elementary school in Madison, Wis. The program will allow all 4th and 5th grade students, regardless of economic status, to participate in music education.

Musicnotes.com CFO and Chairman, Tim Reiland, helps students unpack their new instruments, donated with a grant from Musicnotes.com through VH1 Save The Music.

Musicnotes.com’s executive chairman and CFO, Tim Reiland, helps students unpack their new instruments, donated with a grant from Musicnotes.com through VH1 Save The Music.

The event, which took place September 12, 2016, featured a surprise ‘unveiling’ of the instruments for the school’s 4th and 5th graders, who were giddy with excitement over the new violins, violas and cellos. Representatives from VH1 Save The Music and Musicnotes.com spoke to the children about the importance of music education and how it can help build a foundation for academic success in all subjects, as well as promote healthy self-esteem and teamwork.

“We are not here to create the next Yo-Yo Ma or some really famous musician, but really teach them a 21st century skill, which music is known to do through communication, collaborations and creativity,” said Chiho Feindler of VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

“A majority of Musicnotes’ employees grew up in and raise their own families in the Madison area, and many of us and our children have directly benefited from the Madison Metropolitan School District’s music programs,” said Bill Aicher, Chief Marketing Officer at Musicnotes.com. “Musicnotes is honored to help ensure every child has access to quality music programming, here in our own community, as well as in other areas of need.”

To date, VH1 Save The Music has donated $53 million dollars’ worth of new musical instruments to 2,024 public schools in 247 school districts around the country, impacting the lives of more than 3 million public school students.

See pictures and video from the fantastic event:

VH1 donates string instruments to Sandburg Elementary School

Strings are making a comeback for fifth-graders at Sandburg Elementary

Fourth and fifth grade students unwrap their new strings instruments courtesy of a Musicnotes.com gift through VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

A high school strings quartet performs Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter (from The Planets),” inspiring youngsters in the audience.

Students sport bags created for the event with musical gifts from Musicnotes.com.

The Musicnotes team poses with a group of kids for a photo. We were touched by the excitement and love of music displayed by all the students at the event.

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  1. It’s about time. We haven’t had a string teacher at all since my own teacher was forced into retirement due to his first heart attack in 1984

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