10 Signs You’re Absolutely In Love with Piano

Do you eat, sleep and dream piano? Are most of your waking hours spent tapping out the fingering of whatever song happens to be running through your mind? Are you already planning a special Valentine’s Day date with your beloved 88 keys? If any or all of these apply to you, congratulations! You’re an official Piano Lover.

First things first, as a Piano Lover, you’re in very good company if we do say so ourselves. Here at Musicnotes HQ, among the Band Geeks, Orch Dorks, Choir Nerds and Theatre Kids, there is always someone pounding away at one of our company keyboards (headphones ensure the rest of us can continue working). And at any given meeting, a quick room survey will produce at least half of us tapping out a song on the conference table.

Read on and find out if you, too, are able to proudly call yourself a Piano Lover!

Sign #10


And you definitely know where you can find all their officially licensed sheet music!

Sign #9

Because there’s nothing cooler than showing off the Piano Lover’s ultra-technical take on Drake’s “Controlla” or The Chainsmokers’ “Closer.”

Sign #8

You know what they say, one Piano Lover’s Hammerklavier dream is another Piano Lover’s nightmare.

Sign #7

Bonus points go to anyone in the room who can guess what you’re playing by finger placement and rhythm.

Sign #6

Hats off to those who tune themselves!

Sign #5

“So nice for you to have us over for… ohhh is that your piano?”

Sign #4

Rachmaninov, at a height of 6’6″, had a hand-span of a 13th, while 5’1″ Scriabin could barely reach an octave, but remember size ≠ skill.

Sign #3

More often that not we’re shaking our heads in disbelief that they thought it was even passable for real playing.

Sign #2

You’re a Piano Lover who’s very quick on your feet!

Sign #1

As every true Piano Lover knows, you’re only as good as your willingness to improve! (Shameless plug: shop the Bach Two-Part Inventions, Goldberg Variations and Hanon Exercises.)

Did you pass our Piano Lover test? Are there other ways that you identify yourself as the piano-obsessed? Share your signs in the comment section below!

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  2. Amanda Finney

    I have been looking everywhere for sheet music to Billy Currington’s song “She’s got a way with me”. I have had absolutely no luck. Can you help me out?

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