Free Piano Lesson/Sheet Music from Jazz Marvel Jonny May!

Learning to play the blues can be somewhat intimating for beginning or casual pianists. But, familiarizing yourself with the chord progressions, phrasing and rhythms/grooves that characterize blues music can open a whole new world of musical possibilities. That’s why our great friend (and Musicnotes Signature Artist) Jonny May recorded a free piano lesson on blues basics, complete with FREE sheet music!

First a little about May’s outstanding credentials. As a jazz, blues and ragtime aficionado, Jonny May has performed with YouTube sensation (and fellow Signature Artist) Postmodern Jukebox, played at Comedy Central and Universal Studios, and has accompanied such luminaries as Tony winner Lin Manuel Miranda and Grammy winner Lari White. Jonny was actually the youngest piano soloist at Disneyland, performing original arrangements of American classics and Disney songs when he was just 18 years old.

As far as music education goes, Jonny shares his passion and abundant talent  via video piano lessons at To-date Jonny has helped teach thousands of aspiring and developing pianists with his engaging, easy-to-follow instructional videos. If you’re looking for an accessible, interesting and proven way to learn basics, or to expand your current repertoire into jazz, ragtime, blues or rock, Jonny May is your guy. Both Jonny May’s YouTube performance channel and YouTube lesson channel are terrific sources of education and inspiration!

OK, time for the free piano lesson we promised! (Psst: You’re going to want to master this free blues shuffle lesson now, so that you’re ready for the subsequent free piano lesson in the coming weeks.)

In order to dip your toes into the world of blues piano, you’ll need to learn the 12-bar blues chord progression. In this free piano lesson, Jonny May introduces the basic blues progression and highlights the traditional shuffle technique. Download Beginning Blues Shuffle Piano Lesson sheet music for free here, then follow along with the tutorial video below!

The beauty in Jonny’s lessons is that you can go at your own pace, and rewind/rewatch as many times as needed! You’ll find more of Jonny’s helpful lessons in the coming weeks on the Musicnotes YouTube channel, as well as tons of piano tutorials, and informational/inspirational Song Spotlights by today’s most in-demand songwriters. Subscribe to the Musicnotes YouTube channel and never miss a note!

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