YouPerform Contest. Now With More Prizes!

While deciding the winner of YouPerform Contest for March, we’ve realized that we needed to make a change to our awards. You see, deciding “one” winner out of those twelve entries just didn’t seem fair to all the other contestants. Many of you have sent us emails and comments providing your feedback for the contest, and we agree that offering multiple awards is the right thing to do. Effective for March’s contest and any month going forward, we will award first, second and third place prizes provided we have a minimum of ten entries. For first place the YouPerform contest winner will receive a gift certificate in the amount
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Free Jazz Love Song, Death Cab for Cutie Guitar Tab Sale and More in This Week’s The Whole Note

Can you hear birds singing? While it might not be Spring just yet, our hearts are all a-flutter here. February’s free sheet music download of the month is an interesting love song called “When My Baby Smiles At Me.” Composed in 1920 by Bill Munro, the lyrics for “When My Baby Smiles at Me” were written by Ted Lewis and Andrew B. Sterling. Ted Lewis was the original performer of the song. Ted Lewis enjoyed a career in music, spanning over fifty years. “When My Baby Smiles at Me” marked the beginning of the roaring twenties and the start of Lewis’ world-wide popularity. Lewis used to enjoy world-wide recognition for
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New Rules for’s January YouPerform Contest!

Back in October, we launched our very first video performance contest. Dubbing it the “YouPerform” contest, we have been offering you a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to by performing our free sheet music download of the month. As we had mentioned on the YouPerform Contest page and through various comments to our readers, the reason why we’ve focused the content around our free sheet music downloads is because they are Musicnotes Editions. We based our YouPerform Contest around these Musicnotes Editions for a few reasons. First, we wanted to ensure that no one had to worry about copyright restrictions. Copyright, as it relates to music
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Here’s the First Contest Entry for the YouPerform Contest!

Last week we had provided you with new YouPerform contest news, where we had mentioned we had yet to receive our first entry. On Monday, we were very excited to receive our first video contest entry for our YouPerform Contest! We invite you to listen to this talented performer play In the Hall of the Mountain King downloaded from our free sheet music page! [kaltura-widget wid=”k4v45nxm94″ width=”410″ height=”364″ type=”grey” addPermission=”2″ editPermission=”2″ /] Do you want to win a $100 gift certificate to You have until Friday at midnight to enter the contest by uploading your video to YouTube. Good luck!

YouPerform Contest News

Believe it or not Musicnotes fans, we have yet to receive our first entry in the YouPerform contest. One of the things we’ve learned is that there was some confusion over what song can be accepted for the contest. Due to copyright restrictions and YouTube!’s terms-of-service, we are only able to offer a video contest for our free sheet music download of the month. For October, this song is “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” If you have a moment, could you let us know whether or not you’re still interested in submitting your entry to our contest? [poll id=”3″] Thank you Musicnotes fans and customers, for sticking with
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What is a $100 Gift Certificate to Worth?

Are you learning October’s free sheet music download for our YouPerform contest? You might have heard that the prize for the YouPerform contest is a one-hundred dollar gift certificate to spend on To help put this amount in perspective, here’s a quick breakdown of what that gift certificate can offer you. Digital Sheet Music — The average price of our digital sheet music downloads is $4.95. If you spent your entire gift certificate on digital sheet music, you would be able to get approximately 20 songs for free. With almost 90,000 songs to browse through, which 20 would you choose? Guitar Guru Sessions — These hands-on, interactive guitar
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How to Upload your Video for our YouPerform Contest

We have some wonderful customers! We’ve already had questions regarding the YouPerform contest over the weekend. I’d like to take a few minutes and show you how to upload your videos to YouTube! and how to ensure that your video will be part of the contest group. Instructions are broken out into two pieces; please skip to the second part if you already have a YouTube! account. How to Upload a Video to YouTube! STEP ONE: Create a YouTube! Account – You will not be able to upload your videos without one.