What’s In an Anthem? Get Ready for the Sochi Olympics with National Anthem Sheet Music!

Uganda’s is the shortest at 8 bars, while Uruguay’s is one of the longest at 105. Austria’s “Bundeshymne” has been dubiously attributed to Mozart,  and Haydn’s work is the anthem of Germany (although “Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freiheit” has only been officially so since 1922). As the world turns its attention on Sochi, we can look forward to hearing a spectrum of national anthems in the coming weeks. With 15 sports forming 98 events, there are nearly 100 opportunities to musically salute the gold medal winner’s native flag. And there’s little doubt home-based Olympics celebrations, no matter where on the globe that happens to land, will feature patriotic songs of
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super powers

Three Secret Skills Musicians (Probably) Didn’t Know They Even Had

Disclaimer: No, you can’t shoot lasers out of your eyes or stretch your limbs super long or fly. Obviously as a musician, you’ve gained a lot of experience. You know how to care for your instrument well, how to read and interpret music, and how to perform. But there are a few other skills you might have picked up along the way and not even known about it, and these skills can definitely be applied outside of just the musical realm. Try your hand at one of these activities, and you might be surprised at how easily they come to you!


Top 10 Love Songs for Valentine’s Day!

Are you feeling the pressure yet? Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and those of you struggling to find a gift or special song to play are going to be very relieved. I’ve put together a list of Top 10 Love Songs for Valentine’s Day this year, just for you! These songs are based on what has been popular at Musicnotes, and are not in any particular order. I’ve also included a few more fun, upbeat tunes, so your Valentine’s Day play list isn’t made up of just slow, soulful songs. (Having fun and dancing around can be romantic too!) Check out the list below!

The Story Behind Helping Nashville and John Rich’s “Lend a Hand”

Musicnotes.com is pleased to present you with an inside look at the song “Lend a Hand,” which was composed by John Rich to help Tennessee residents recover from the recent flood disaster. This song will be available for free as an MP3 download through John Rich’s official website and as a sheet music download through Musicnotes.com. From now through September 30, 2010, download sheet music for “Lend a Hand” from Musicnotes.com for free. For every download of sheet music for this song, Musicnotes.com will donate $1.00 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund up to a maximum of $10,000. For more details, read our Support Nashville. Download “Lend a
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Scott Joplin and Free “Stoptime Rag” Sheet Music

Scott Joplin is an American songwriter who was born in the late 1860s who wrote over forty compositions, including two operas and a ballet. Most of these compositions were written in a musical style known as “ragtime.” Ragtime, which is also referred to as “ragged time,” surged in popularity during the late 1890s and remained a favorite style of music until the early 1920s. Joplin often referred to himself as the “King of Ragtime.” Many consider Joplin’s best-selling composition of Maple Leaf Rag as one of the songs that defined ragtime as a musical style. Ragtime’s importance as a musical genre can be seen through its influence on early jazz.
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Audition sheet music

Updated: 40+ Songs for Stage and Show Auditions

Do you want to try out for a talent show like the X-FACTOR or AMERICAN IDOL? Are you preparing for a musical theater audition or just want to sing on stage? Musicnotes is here to help! We’ve explored our digital sheet music files and consulted with auditioners and fellow auditionees to offer you suggestions for songs that we think you’ll love. One song in particular that you might want to consider practicing is  “The 60 Second Audition.” This song was written specifically to highlight a vocalist’s ability performing different musical styles and techniques within sixty seconds, and you may transpose the key after purchasing to fit your vocal range. If
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Scrooge the Musical, Guitar Guru $4.95 Sale and More in The Whole Note

Based on the holiday classic A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens, SCROOGE: the MUSICAL brings this cautionary tale about a cranky old man who needs to reconnect with his fellow man to the big stage. Several characters, including some unusual ghosts, visit Scrooge to try to teach him a very important lesson. This holiday Broadway musical is often on stage this time of year, so be sure to check your area for show times. Are you a Broadway sheet music fan? You can now download arrangements of sheet music from SCROOGE: the MUSICAL. Songs include I Hate People, Christmas Children, Thank You Very Much and many more! Songs from
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New! Christmas Sheets for Instruments, Owl City and More in the Whole Note

Do you play clarinet, trumpet or another band instrument? This year, we’re pleased to expand our selection of Christmas sheet music for alternate instruments. Last week, we highlighted selections of Canadian Brass sheet music. This week, we’d like to mention brand new solos, duets, trios, quartets and corresponding accompaniments by sheet music publisher Kendor. We’ve added a few songs this week, and are happy to offer more Christmas arrangements – just in time for the holidays! Here’s a few songs we’ve added this week. Don’t forget, there’s a lot more to come! Amazing Grace sheet music for Clarinet and Piano Ding Dong Merrily on High sheet music for a flute
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Canadian Brass and Christmas Musicnotes Editions in the Whole Note

Have you heard the music of Canadian Brass? This world-famous brass quintet offers gorgeous recordings by composers like J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, Pachelbel, Beethoven and more. Musicnotes.com is proud to offer Canadian Brass sheet music. We offer songs for french horn quartets as well as brass quintets that include the tuba, trombone, trumpet and french horn, too! We’d like to highlight some arrangements that are perfect for the winter holidays. Scoring varies by song, so for your convenience we’ve remarked what individual arrangement is. Sleigh Runners for Brass Quintet with optional percussion A medley of What Child Is This? / Coventry Carol for Brass Quartet We Three Kings for Brass Quintet
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Up, Star Trek and Next to Normal in This Week’s The Whole Note

In this week’s Whole Note, we have quite a few shows that we received sheet music for including the widely popular (and one of the most requested) Broadway shows NEXT TO NORMAL, the animated feature UP which arrived on DVD this week, and music for the new STAR TREK, which also debuts on DVD shortly. We are happy to announce that we’re now able to offer sheet music for NEXT TO NORMAL. This Broadway show about a family trying to deal with a mother’s bipolar disorder has been extremely popular, and has continued to be a highly requested collection of songs. Now you can play or sing songs from a
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