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Happily Ever After: 100 Wedding Songs for Your Ceremony and Reception

Love is in the air this time of year, and the right music can make your big day all the more memorable. We’ve pulled together 100 popular wedding songs for your ceremony and reception. Simply click on a song title to preview and listen to each of the sheet music options. You can also view all available arrangements of each song, if available, by clicking the ‘See other arrangements of this song’ link. Not only are these great suggestions for you to choose for your own wedding day, learning to play any of them for the bride and groom makes a one-of-a-kind, heartfelt wedding gift as well! Traditional Ceremony Wedding
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Graduation Songs for 2014

Pomp, Circumstance and Sheet Music: Graduation Songs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we think a piece of music can express a thousand emotions. May is just around the corner, and it’s time to reminisce on the past, look ahead to the future, and pick out  graduation songs that represent all of those feelings in the most meaningful way. We’ve gathered a terrific assortment of sheet music for graduation to help you celebrate the big day and commemorate your fantastic accomplishment. Check out our list below, including graduation song favorites, rock nostalgia, recent hits and even a few less-conventional options. We’ve also included a link to the song’s official video, so that you can be
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Mark the Anniversary of WWII with Music

Today marks the seventieth anniversary of the beginning of World War II. Even though the 1940s were a tragic time in the world’s history, this was also a very important period for music, too. Popular songs were used to boost morale and entertain troops, but they were also written to fill the hearts of those waiting at home as well. Performed by big bands, orchestras and solo artists, there are many memorable songs from the 1940s that continue to resonate through the years. For example, there are quite a few songs from the Irving Berlin sheet music repertoire from this period, as well as several more from the collection of
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Sheet Music for Schoolhouse Rock & Back to School

Get ready to break out your sheet music and practice your instruments – school is almost back in session. Believe it or not, going back to school can be a lot of fun because there are a ton of great songs for you to play and perform. Why not get a head start and play some school-inspired songs to get in the mood to learn music? For starters, you could groove to School of Rock Guitar Tab. This song was featured in a comedy film by the same name, starring Jack Black. To help you learn this song, we also have a Guitar Guru Session of School of Rock, too.
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Campfire Songs and our Free Sheet Music

If you’re like many people, during the summertime or fall you might enjoy camping with your family somewhere in the wilderness. Whether you have an RV or a tent, you’ll probably light a fire when the sun goes down to enjoy the peacefulness of your trip. Of course, no campfire would be “complete” without marshmallows roasting over the open flames or hot dogs grilling on a stick. But there’s often something else that goes along with campfires — and that is a good, campfire song that everybody knows the words to. Many campfire songs have roots in folk music, like the ones you may find in our Campfire Folk Songs
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Getting Married? Here’s Some Wedding Sheet Music!

Are you getting married? Looking for songs for your wedding ceremony? We know that this time of year is exceptionally busy for you the bride-to-be’s out there, because you’re probably in the middle of planning for your summer wedding. You’re probably planning everything from the wedding ceremony sheet music to the color of your napkins to get ready for your special day. We’d like to help! Musicnotes Tip: Try to choose wedding ceremony music that can either be played acoustically or through a sound system. Even if you have a band or a musician playing at your wedding, it can’t hurt to have a backup of the music for your
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