October Free Sheet Music Download is “In the Hall of the Mountain King”

We’re really excited about this month’s free sheet music download, because it’s perfect for Halloween! At first, I didn’t recognize "In the Hall of the Mountain King" until I listened to it. After three or four notes, I immediately thought of several cartoons, commercials and movies that I had heard this song in. When you listen to this popular song composed by Edvard Grieg, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Usually, this song is lingering in the background during a chase scene. Download Free Sheet Music We also have In the Hall of the Mountain King available as a Guitar Guru free tab and the corresponding guitar sheet music.To learn
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Ferras: “Hollywood’s Not America” Sheet Music (Musicnotes Premiere)

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for sheet music to be added for the new Ferras song, "Hollywood’s Not America."  So, we did what we do best, and went ahead and arranged the song (through our licensing agreement with Universal Music-Careers publishing) and have made it available to buy and download. If you’d like to learn to play this hot new piano track, you can see a free preview or order the full piece here. Haven’t heard the song? Check out the music video: Hollywood’s Not America