New Sheet Music from Hot New Songs by Taylor Swift and Faith Hill

It’s been an exciting day here at We are thrilled to offer a brand new release called A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill. This song is a new release from Faith Hill’s first Christmas album entitled Joy to the World, featuring a mix of classic holiday favorites and what I can only describe as a brand new contemporary musical wonder. Starting in a small-and-simple alto tone with a piano accompaniment, this song continues building, adding a full choir and symphonic orchestra to complement Hill’s powerful voice. Ending like it begins, A Baby Changes Everything has a very simple-yet-complex emotional feel to it that will melt your heart. Also
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What’s on Your Desktop? Here are Some Free Music Wallpapers

Whether you like to use a PC or a Mac, I can’t think of a better way to show off your musical interests than to customize your desktop. I found a variety of free music wallpapers from Deviant Art and a digital artist located at Vlad Studio that I’d like to share with you. Deviant Art is a community of artists that offers free wallpapers that are okay to download for your personal use.(1) Vlad Studio also offers free desktop wallpapers for your personal use as well.(2) Here are some music wallpapers that I really liked: Music for the Masses – This is what I would consider a "mixed media"
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October Free Sheet Music Download is “In the Hall of the Mountain King”

We’re really excited about this month’s free sheet music download, because it’s perfect for Halloween! At first, I didn’t recognize "In the Hall of the Mountain King" until I listened to it. After three or four notes, I immediately thought of several cartoons, commercials and movies that I had heard this song in. When you listen to this popular song composed by Edvard Grieg, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Usually, this song is lingering in the background during a chase scene. Download Free Sheet Music We also have In the Hall of the Mountain King available as a Guitar Guru free tab and the corresponding guitar sheet music.To learn
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End of Summer Blues? Here’s Sheet Music for your Mood

Fall is rapidly approaching with its gorgeous color palette of smoky reds, brilliant golds and harvest oranges. Many of us here are already preparing new arrangements for Christmas sheet music and have started to bundle up, drinking coffee and wistfully remembering those gorgeous summer days. While there’s no doubt summer is over, many of us are still hoping for that last bit of golden warmth to shine through our windows. I’ve been listening to the song "The Sky is Crying" which was popularized by Stevie Ray Vaughn. Composed by Elmore James in 1960, the song was also performed by Albert King. I love how the guitar riff perfectly complements the
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Introducing Monica Valentinelli to our Customers

Hi Customers and Fans! My name is Monica Valentinelli and I join with a background in writing, music and a passion for community. Let me just say that I am very excited to be here at because, over the course of the next few months, we’re taking the idea of "community" to the next level. To me, all customers have something in common — a love for music and the desire to play it, sing it and appreciate it. With that idea in mind, our marketing team is working together on ideas to promote and interact more with you — our musically talented customers — who
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Web Programmer Needed (ASP,.NET,PHP)

Musicnotes is looking for a web programmer to join our team and work on both our and MXTabs web properties. If you’re experienced with web programming (especially ASP, .NET and PHP) and are excited at the idea of working for one of the world’s leading e-commerce and web companies, be sure to take a look at this recent job posting.

Secondhand Serenade Sheet Music

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests lately for sheet music for songs from the band Secondhand Serenade.  This week we’ve posted two Musicnotes Premieres (sheet music currently available exclusively at for Secondhand Serenade songs. Check them out at the links below: Secondhand Serenade: Fall For YouSecondhand Serenade: Your Call And speaking of requests, we’ve also added sheet music for Coldplay’s acoustic piano version of "Lost?" per your requests. Anything else you’d like?  Send us your requests.

Ferras: “Hollywood’s Not America” Sheet Music (Musicnotes Premiere)

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for sheet music to be added for the new Ferras song, "Hollywood’s Not America."  So, we did what we do best, and went ahead and arranged the song (through our licensing agreement with Universal Music-Careers publishing) and have made it available to buy and download. If you’d like to learn to play this hot new piano track, you can see a free preview or order the full piece here. Haven’t heard the song? Check out the music video: Hollywood’s Not America