Give Hands-Free the ‘Thumbs Up’ and Win a Bluetooth Page Turn Pedal!

Enjoy total page-turning freedom with the AirTurn Bluetooth pedal. Paired with your iPad or tablet and the FREE Musicnotes apps, the AirTurn Bluetooth page turn pedal makes it simpler than ever to play your digital sheet music anywhere and everywhere. Since the AirTurn hands-free pedal is one of the things we like most, we’ve decided to give a complete AirTurn Concert Package to one lucky Musicnotes follower! In order to enter the contest, you just need to visit our Facebook page and ‘like’ or comment on the “Hands-Free Thumbs Up” AirTurn Contest video post. One grand-prize winner will receive an AirTurn PED Bluetooth SMART wireless foot control, a MANOS universal
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Grammy Music

Your Ultimate Grammy Music Guide, WIN a $25 Gift Card!

There will be celebrities, there likely will be a wacky outfit or two, and there will most definitely be some unforgettable musical performances at this year’s Grammy Awards on Sunday night. While Monday’s water coolers will buzz with the first two topics on Monday morning, we’re here to talk about the latter. Check out our ultimate Grammy music guide below, complete with sheet music from all your favorite nominees, as well as performance predictions and a fun quiz about the Grammys (psst… you could WIN a $25 Musicnotes Gift Card)!  The Nominees Record of the Year (click title for sheet music) Fancy, Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX Chandelier, Sia Stay
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Ralph Peer Biography Contest

Music for the Masses. Win Your Ralph Peer Biography + A Musicnotes Gift Card!

Are you a fan of blues, folk, R&B, country or rock music? Chances are, you’re more familiar with the work of Ralph Peer than you might have known.  Barry Mazor’s new biography of the legendary music publisher and label A&R visionary takes a close look at just how influential and radically innovative Peer was, during a time in which music traditionally divided rather than united. Read a bit about Ralph Peer’s influence, and then enter for your chance to win your own copy of Mazor’s book, along with a $25 Gift Card, in the contest below! (Update: This contest has now closed. Congratulations to our winners, Jordana, Melissa and Joerg,
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Musical Theatre

They Started on the Stage: Popular Artists Who Began in Musical Theatre

Singing, dancing, acting… the trifecta of musical theatre talent. In fact, many Hollywood careers have been launched thanks, in part, to musical theatre backgrounds. We’re all fairly well aware of the fine musical pedegree of some of Hollywood’s elite: Hugh Jackman, Lea Michele,  Julie Andrews and Liza Minnelli, to name just a few. But you may be surprised by some of the former theatre kids who became even more famous for their on-screen rolls and mainstream music careers. It just further proves how much we theatre kids rock! Read about a few our favorite stage-trained actors/artists below, and answer our trivia question at the end for your chance to win
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What’d You Sing? 10 Hilariously Misheard Pop Lyrics, Share Yours to Win a $10 Gift Card!

We’re sorry, this contest has ended and the winner has been notified. Thanks for sharing your hilarious entries! Have you ever been casually singing along to the car radio, or mumbling a catchy tune between classes, only to have a friend burst into laughter? “What’d I Say?” you may ask yourself. Chances are, you’ve sung a mondegreen. Mondegreens are the often hilarious result of mishearing a song lyric, and thus inadvertently replacing the actual words with your own similar-sounding set. Common examples of mondegreens have included “Hold me closer Tony Danza” replacing “Hold me closer tiny dancer” in Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer,” and substituting “There’s a bathroom on the right”
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Love Irish Music? Suggest a Long Lost Song

We’re sorry, this contest has expired. is proud to announce we have a brand new contest for the month of February. In celebration of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration, we’re on the hunt for long lost Irish songs and we need your help. Simply suggest an Irish song that we do not have digital sheet music for on in the comments below. If we add sheet music for your song by St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll win a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to our online store! You can use the gift certificate to purchase anything you need including: Irish sheet music, Guitar Guru Sessions, movie sheet music and
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Introducing our Suggest a Winter Holiday Song Contest!

We’re sorry, this contest has expired. is proud to announce we have a brand new contest for the month of November. Simply suggest a winter holiday song that we do not have digital sheet music for on, for your chance to win a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to our online store! You can use the gift certificate to purchase anything you need including: Christmas sheet music, Guitar Guru Sessions, Chanukah sheet music and much, much more! Our Suggest a Winter Holiday Song Contest starts today and will run through midnight on November 30th. We’d like to present you with a few contest rules for our Suggest a Winter
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Free Estudio Brillante Guitar Tab and Headset Give-A-Way

Spanish guitarist-composer Francisco Tarrega wrote ESTUDIO BRILLANTE in the late 19th Century. This incredibly difficult etude was based on a sonatina by French violinist-composer Jean-Delphin Alard. In addition to Tarrega’s performing and teaching ability, he also arranged many pre-existing works for guitar by composers such as; Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Chopin. Even though he only wrote less than a hundred pieces for the guitar, the short compositions are enjoyed by many guitarists. Within the music world, many consider Tarrega to be an important founding figure for the classical guitar genre. Other works by Tarrega include how most famous work, RECUERDOS DE LA ALHAMBRA, and LAGRIMA, a popular guitar tab for beginners.
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Introducing May’s YouPerform Contest Winner

Recently, we awarded a gift certificate to Christy-Lyn for her performance of ‘Tis the Last Rose of Summer. We asked her a bit about her musical background and why she chose the song she did. Hailing from Cape Town in South Africa, Christy-Lyn was very energetic and bubbly when we talked to her, we have a few of her comments we’d like to share with you. Can you tell us a little bit about your musical background? I have been involved with music since I was very young, and have always enjoyed singing. I performed my first solo in the preschool nativity play when I was around 3 years old.
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June Deals and Summer Steals!

Summer may be the perfect time to get outside and play, but it’s also a good time to practice your instruments. Because we don’t want you to forget your music lessons, we’re offering a few deals this month that we think you’ll really enjoy. All of these sales end at midnight on June 30th, so take advantage of our June deals while you can! Sheet Music Portfolios on Sale at 20% Off! To protect your digital sheet music, we offer these sheet music portfolios designed to help you organize and play your favorite songs. What makes our portfolio so special? Not only can you personalize these portfolios, we’ve tested them
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