Tips for Creating A Worship Set List

If you are a worship pastor, a music director, or simply a brave volunteer, creating a set list for a worship service or gathering can be intimidating. To help you out, we put together 5 tips to get you started! Define A Purpose The most important decision you have to make when creating a worship set list is deciding on what message you want to leave the congregation with when the set is over. Depending on your specific circumstances, this could be anything. For example, maybe you want your congregation to feel happy and rejuvenated, so you choose songs that are centered on the joy of the Lord.  Or perhaps
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Song suggestions for vocal auditions, special events and even karaoke!

We’re always on the hunt for new additions to our own repertoires, from vocal auditions and gig/performance songs to fun solos and duets for our impromptu company karaoke nights! Our friends at have put together a comprehensive guide of 400+ Songs to Sing for Every Occasion, complete with song suggestions, vocal practice tips, how to choose what to sing and more. There’s a ton of great content to explore in the guide. Molly R., a vocal instructor in Hayward, CA, offers her suggestions for what songs NOT to sing for a musical theatre audition.  Musical coach Heather L. shares her top 10 songs for sight singing practice (download sheet
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Match the song titles with their lyrics

Can You Match New Hit Songs with Their Lyrics?

Did you know we add new sheet music to nearly every single day? In fact, about 400 new arrangements appear on our website weekly. That’s a whole lot of hit songs to keep up with. We thought it’d be fun to see how many recent hit songs you can identify with a little lyrical quiz. All 10 of the titles below have been added to site (amongst many, many more) in the past week or so. See if you can match up the lyric with the correct song title below, and be sure to check out all the newest additions to our massive sheet music catalogue.

Back to School Sheet Music

Get Your Back-to-School Sheet Music Ready!

Those magical days of reading, writing and arithmetic are just around the corner. Are you ready?  If you’re anything like some of our friends here at MNHQ, it might take a little, shall we say, extra motivation to get back into school mode. Luckily we have just the cure to beat those end-of-summer blues and gear you up for another great term: the most fun-to-play back-to-school sheet music this side of homeroom. We’ve explored the more than 260,000 arrangements at (oh, did we forget to mention we recently surpassed 260,000 arrangements!?!), and narrowed down 10 of our back-to-school sheet music front-runners. These anthems are guaranteed to punch the keys on your calculator, squeeze the juice
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Tips for taking care of your vocal chords

Take Care of Those Cords! 5 Essential Vocal Health Tips for Singers

Just as a clarinetist greases his corks or a violinist rosins her bow, there are certain steps we vocalists need to take in order to keep our ‘instrument’ in proper working order. But, while you protect your clarinet or violin in a case between practices, our vocal health is always vulnerable to outside elements. Good overall health, diet, proper hydration and rest are especially important for singers. The following are essential tips to protect our vocal cords before, during and after practicing and performing. 1. Warm Up Right We all know that lack of stretching and warm-up prior to physical activity can increase the risk of injury, right? Well, the
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