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hot digital collections:

X&Y Coldplay: X&Y
Features all songs from Coldplay's long awaited third album "X&Y." Released to the delight of critics and fans alike, it features the popular "Speed of Sound" and piano-based favorites "What If" and "Fix You." All songs are arranged for piano/vocal/guitar.

$72.00 $26.95  view and buy

Songs for Silverman Ben Folds: Songs for Silverman
Learn to play all the songs from Ben Folds second solo release, 'Songs for Silverman' on piano with Musicnotes digital sheet music collection. Includes Musicnotes-exclusive arrangements of all eleven songs from the album, featuring favorites "Landed," "Gracie" and "Sentimental Guy."

$62.00 $29.95  view and buy

Star Wars III Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Play your favorite themes from the final installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Explore both sides of the force with new themes such as Anakins Betrayal, Battle of the Heroes and Padmes Ruminations, as well as classic themes like the Star Wars Main Title and the Imperial March. All songs scored for solo piano.

$49.50 $27.95  view and buy

Songs About Jane Maroon5: Highlights from Songs About Jane
Learn to play five hits from Maroon 5's debut album, including Sweetest Goodbye featured in the film "Love, Actually." Arranged for piano/vocal/guitar.

$26.15 $16.95  view and buy

Josh Groban: Closer Josh Groban: Selections from Closer
Learn to play a selection of songs from Josh Grobans smash sophomore release, Closer - including the smash hit featured in the 2004 Super Bowl pre-game show, "You Raise Me Up!"

$44.85 $22.95  view and buy

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban
Learn to play seven songs from Harry Potters third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, including the excitement of Buckbeaks Flight, the haunting Macbeth-inspired Double Trouble, Aunt Marges Waltz and more. All songs are in standard piano/vocal arrangements. Includes CD-Synched versions of Double Trouble and A Window to the Past.

$35.20 $18.95  view and buy

Hopes and Fears Keane: Hopes and Fears
The debut album from this Mercury Prize Nominated band was a major hit in Britain upon release, with a style similar to fellow piano-rockers Coldplay. This collection features all songs from the UK release (including songs not available on the US version of the album!) including Somewhere Only We Know and Everybodys Changing.

$59.40 $26.95  view and buy

Peachtree Road Elton John: Peachtree Road
Learn to play your favorites from Elton Johns 2004 release, Peachtree Road. Includes piano/vocal/guitar arrangements of all twelve songs from the album, including favorites 'Turn the Lights Off When You Leave' and 'Answer in the Sky.' Another wonderful collection of original music from one of the greatest songwriting teams of recent time, each song is a solid piece and a joy to play.

$59.70 $27.95  view and buy

Still Not Getting Any... Simple Plan: Still Not Getting Any...
Contains ten songs from Simple Plan's sophomore album, including the punk-pop hits "Shut Up!," "Welcome To My Life" and the ballad "Untitled." All song are arranged in guitar tab format.

$49.80 $27.95  view and buy

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