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With Musicnotes Rewards, you’ll earn points for daily activities, including purchasing sheet music, filling out preferences and signing up for our email newsletter. Musicnotes Rewards is FREE to join, and points are redeemable for more great sheet music as well as exclusive Musicnotes gifts and gear!


    on every purchase


    for daily account activity

  • 100 POINTS

    for signing up!

How To Earn Points

Review Your Purchases

Sign up for Musicnotes E-news

Connect your Facebook Account

Connect your Twitter Account

Use Points to Redeem These Rewards

$10 Off your purchse of $35 or more

$10 Off Your Purchase of $35 or More

Sheet music portfolio bag

Sheet Music Portfolio Bag

Magazine subscription

Magazine Subscription

$5 Off your purchse of $25 or more

$5 Off Your Purchase of $25 or More

One musicnoes edition

One Free Musicnotes Edition

Musicnotes hat

Musicnotes Hat

20% off your next purchase

20% Off Your Next Purchase

musicnotes ornament

Musicnotes Ornament

Musicnotes portfolio

Musicnotes Portfolio

Band Geek T-Shirt

Band Geek T-Shirt

Orch Dork T-Shirt

Orch Dork T-Shirt

Theatre Kid T-Shirt

Theatre Kid T-Shirt

Band Geek Mug

Band Geek Mug

Orch Dork Mug

Orch Dork Mug

Theatre Kid Mug

Theatre Kid Mug

Theatre Kid Mug

Musicnotes Kazoo

Theatre Kid Mug


Theatre Kid Mug

Six-Month Membership to Piano Maestro

Musicnotes Rewards Questions & Answers

Question When do I start earning points?
Answer With Musicnotes Rewards, you’ll begin earning points for actions immediately after joining the program. In fact, we’ll start you off with 100 points as our thanks for signing up! There’s no limit to the total number of points you may earn or redeem.
Question When will my points appear?
Answer Your points for actions, such as adding a Facebook account, following us on social media or referring your friends to Musicnotes, will appear in your account immediately. Points for buying new sheet music, or referring a friend who makes a purchase, will appear in your account 7 days after the purchase date.
Question How many points do I get for purchases?
Answer You will receive 10 points for every $1 you spend on sheet music at Your points will appear in your Musicnotes Rewards account 7 days after your completed purchase.
Question Who can join Musicnotes Rewards?
Answer Musicnotes Rewards is open to all Musicnotes customers 18 years or older with a valid email address, and to customers 13 or older with parental/guardian permission.
Question What happens if I unenroll from Rewards?
Answer If, at any time, you decide to unenroll from Musicnotes Rewards, you’ll stop earning points immediately. However, you’ll retain the points you earned for purchases and actions completed while you were enrolled in the Musicnotes Rewards program.

The Full Details

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