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Izzy Stradlin Sheet Music

Instruments and Voices Index

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Leadsheet: Voice, C Instrument and Guitar  (2)
SingerPro: Voice, Guitar and Piano  (1)
Strum, Voice and Guitar  (2)
Strum, Voice and 3 Guitars   (1)
Voice, Backup Vocals and Guitar  (7)
Voice, Backup Vocals and 6 Guitars   (1)
Voice, Backup Vocals, Strum and 6 Guitars   (1)
Voice and Bass Guitar  (6)
Voice, Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals  (3)
Voice, Drum Set and Backup Vocals  (1)
Voice and Guitar  (9)
Voice, Guitar and Piano  (3)
Voice and 3 Guitars   (3)
Voice and Piano  (2)

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Last updated: Thursday, April 02, 2015