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Table of Artists

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Artists beginning with the letter C:

C Ca Cb Ce Ch Ci Cl Cm [Co] Cr Cs Cu Cy Cz

Coal Chamber
Coasters, The
Coates, Carroll
Coates, Dan
Coates, Eric
Coats, James B.
Cobain, Kurt
Cobb, Brent
Cobb, Ed
Cobb, George L.
Cobb, J. R.
Cobb, James
Cobb, James Jr.
Cobb, Margaret
Cobb, O.
Cobb, Will D.
Cobbs, Tasha
Coben, Cy
Cobert, Bob
Cobham, Billy
Cobra Starship
Coburn, E
Coburn, Richard
Coby, Kenneth
Cocchini, George
Cocciante, Richard
Cochran, Anita
Cochran, Bobby
Cochran, Charles
Cochran, Debi
Cochran, Dorcas
Cochran, Eddie
Cochran, Gordon
Cochran, Hank
Cochran, Nathan
Cochran, Tammy
Cochran, Wayne
Cochrane, Tom
Cockburn, Bruce
Cocker, Jarvis
Cocker, Joe
Cockerel Chorus
Cockrell, Thad
Cocks, Michael
Cocup, Andrew
Cocuzzo, Joe
Code of Ethics
Codner, Elizabeth
Cody, Phil
Coe, David Allan
Coelho, Terrye
Coello, Augusto C.
Coen, Beth
Coffee Jr., Clarence
Coffee, Clarence Bernard
Coffer, Jonathan
Coffer, Jonnie
Coffey, Kellie
Coffey, Terry
Coffield, Curt
Coffin, Henry S.
Coffing, Barry
Cofield, Charmelle
Cogan, Alma
Cogane, Nelson
Coggins, Willis
Coghill, Jonathan
Cogswell, Bill
Cohan and Harris Minstrels
Cohan, George M.
Cohan, Marty
Coheed & Cambria
Cohen, David
Cohen, Douglas J.
Cohen, Ezra
Cohen, George M.
Cohen, Greg
Cohen, Henry
Cohen, Ian
Cohen, Jeff
Cohen, Jeffery
Cohen, Jeffrey
Cohen, Leonard
Cohen, Martin
Cohen, Peter
Cohen, Randy
Cohen, Sacha Baron
Cohen, Samuel
Cohen, Shmuel
Cohn, Chester
Cohn, Irving
Cohn, Marc
Cohn, Mitch
Coila, Johnny
Col Joye and the Joy Boys
Colahan, Arthur
Colahan, Dr. Arthur
Colandreo, Antoinette
Colapietro, Vito
Colburn, Richard
Colcord, Ray
Cold Chisel
Cold Mountain
Cold Specks
Cold War Kids
Cole, Bob
Cole, Cheryl
Cole, Corron
Cole, Corron Ty Kee
Cole, Cozy
Cole, David
Cole, Elmer
Cole, Gardner
Cole, Holly
Cole, J.
Cole, Jermaine
Cole, Jude
Cole, Keith
Cole, Keyshia
Cole, Lional
Cole, Lionel
Cole, Marcus
Cole, Marcus R
Cole, Nat King
Cole, Natalie
Cole, Paula
Cole, Stephen
Cole, Wilburn
Coleman, Cy
Coleman, Ervan
Coleman, Ervan F.
Coleman, Ervan F. "Bud"
Coleman, Greg
Coleman, Ira
Coleman, Jeremy
Coleman, Josh
Coleman, Joshua
Coleman, Kevin
Coleman, Kyle
Coleman, Larry
Coleman, Lisa
Coleman, Ornette
Coleman, Phillip
Coleman, Stuart
Coleman, Tony
Coleman, William
Coleman, Zendaya
Colemand, Michael
Coler, Nick
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Coles, Dennis
Coles, George
Coley, Daryl
Colgin, John
Colin, Charlie
Colla, Johnny
Collapsed Lung
Collard, Francis
Collazo, Roberto (Bobby)
Collective Soul
Collen, Phil
Collie, Mark
Collie, Shirley
Collier, Ben
Collier, Harry
Collingsworth Family, The
Collingwood, Chris
Collins, Aaron
Collins, Albert
Collins, Allen
Collins, Antwoine
Collins, Bootsy
Collins, Brandon
Collins, Brian
Collins, Burton
Collins, Caleb
Collins, Charles
Collins, Chas
Collins, Chris
Collins, Dan
Collins, David
Collins, Edwyn
Collins, Gail
Collins, Jim
Collins, John
Collins, Judy
Collins, Larry
Collins, Marquis
Collins, Max
Collins, Mike
Collins, Mitchell
Collins, Neville
Collins, Phil
Collins, Rich
Collins, Robert
Collins, Shad
Collins, Suzanne
Collins, T
Collins, Tarik
Collins, Todd
Collins, Tommy
Collins, William
Collins, William "Bootsy"
Colllins, Phil
Colloca, Freddie
Colomine, Bernadette
Colon, Colby
Colon, Willie
Color Me Badd
Color of Night, The
Color Purple (1985), The
Color Purple (Musical), The
Color Purple [Musical], The
Colter, Jessi
Colton, Tony
Coltrane, John
Colucci, Jill
Coluccio, Tony
Colum, Padraic
Columbo, Russ
Colvin, Douglas
Colvin, Shawn
Colwell, Lynn
Colwell, Paul
Colwell, Ralph
Colwell, Ruth
Colwell, Steve
Comando, Carly
Combes, Kendall
Combined Supporters Club
Combs, S.
Combs, Sean 'Puffy'
Comden, Betty
Comeau, Charles
Comeau, Charles-andre
Comeau, Charlesandre
Comer, John Mark
Comess, Aaron
Comfort, Peter
Coming To America
Commander Cody
Commerford, Timothy
Commitments, The
Commodores, The
Common Linnets, The
Communards, The
Como, Perry
Comparelli, Phil
Compton, Michael
Compton, Sara
Comstock, Frank
Comtesse de La Suze
Comtois, Fancois
Conahan, John
Concannon, Luke
Concino, Roberto
Concone, Joseph
Concrete Blonde
Concretes, The
Condit, Mary
Condon, Mark
Condon, Zachary
Condrey, Seth
Cone Jr., Benjamin
Coney, Al B.
Coney, Brittany Shaelyn
Confederate Railroad
Confrey, Zez
Congdon, James
Congreave, Edwin
Congreve, William
Conjugacion, Noland
Conkey, Ithamar
Conklin, Theodore L.
Conlan, Joseph
Conlee, John W.
Conley, Arthur
Conley, D.
Conley, Earl Thomas
Conley, Larry
Conlon, Robert
Conlon, Sean
Conneff, Kevin
Connell, Mike
Connells, The
Connelly, Al
Connelly, Reg
Conner, Megan
Conners, Tommy
Connick Jr., Harry
Conniff, Ray
Connolly, John
Connolly, Mike
Connolly, Nathan
Connolly, Steve
Connolly, Tyler
Connoly, Nathan
Connor, Jim
Connor, Sarah
Connor, Tommie
Connors, Carol
Connors, Cori
Connors, Tom
Connors, Tom C
Conrad, Con
Conrad, Jess
Conroy, Michael Francis
Conry, Tom
Considering Lily
Constant Nymph (1943)
Constant, Marius
Constantin, Jean
Constas, Marie
Constas, Robert
Consul, The
Conte, Jr., John J.
Conte, Paolo
Contet, Henri
Conti, Bill
Conti, Francesco Bartolomeo
Contostavlos, Costadinos
Contours, The
Contre Jour
Contsant Gardener, The
Contursi, Jose
Contursi, Pascual
Conty, Sophie
Conversation, The
Converse, Charles
Converse, Charles C
Converse, Charles C.
Conway, Chrissy
Conway, Christine
Conway, John
Conway, Monica
Conway, Russ
Cooder, Ry
Cook, Amanda
Cook, Andrew
Cook, Barbara
Cook, Clay
Cook, Conrad
Cook, David
Cook, Don
Cook, George Harrison
Cook, Iain
Cook, Jamie
Cook, Jay
Cook, Jeff
Cook, Jeffrey
Cook, Joseph S.
Cook, Kristy Lee
Cook, Kyle
Cook, Mariann
Cook, Norman
Cook, Pablo
Cook, Paul
Cook, Paul Thomas
Cook, R.
Cook, Roger
Cook, Steve
Cook, Vikki
Cook, Will Marion
Cook, William
Cooke, Antony
Cooke, George W.
Cooke, Leslie
Cooke, Michael
Cooke, Mick
Cooke, Sam
Cooke, Sophie Frances
Cookie & The Cupcakes
Cookie Monster, The
Cookies, The
Cookson, Peter
Cool, Tre
Cooley, Dave
Cooley, Eddie
Cooley, Lindell
Coolidge, Edwina
Coolidge, Rita
Coombes, Charly
Coombes, Gareth
Coombes, Robert
Coombes-Roberts, Kris
Coomer, Neal
Coomes, Eric
Coomes, Tommy
Cooney, Andy
Cooney, Leah
Cooney, Rory
Cooper, Alice
Cooper, Benjamin
Cooper, Boh
Cooper, Bud
Cooper, Darren
Cooper, Delroy
Cooper, Erik
Cooper, Gary
Cooper, George
Cooper, J. E.
Cooper, Jarrod
Cooper, Jarvis Edward
Cooper, Jason
Cooper, Jim
Cooper, John
Cooper, Joy Lavonne Brown
Cooper, Julia
Cooper, Korene
Cooper, Korey
Cooper, Lamar
Cooper, Lily Rose
Cooper, Marcus
Cooper, Martin
Cooper, Marty
Cooper, Michael
Cooper, Miranda
Cooper, W G
Cooper, W.G.
Cooper, Wyn
Coore, Stephen
Coots, J. Fred
Copacabana Place
Copacabana: The Musical
Cope, La Forrest 'La La'
Copeland, Andrew
Copeland, Ian
Copeland, Roger
Copeland, Steward
Copeland, Stewart
Coplan, Jeff
Copland, Aaron
Coplen, Hayden John
Copperman, Ross
Coppola, Carmen
Coppola, Carmine
Coppola, Kacey
Coquatrix, Bruno
Cor, Peter
Coral, The
Corbett-Wood, Sondra
Corbetta, Jerry
Corbin, Bob
Corbin, Easton
Corbitt, Jerry
Corby, Matt
Corcoran, Jim
Corcoran, Keil
Corcoran, Michael
Corday, Leo
Cordelia's Aspirations
Cordell, Ritchie
Cordes, Attrell
Cordiferro, Riccardo
Cordle, Larry
Corea, Chick
Corelli, Antonio
Corelli, Arcangelo
Corey, John
Corgan, Billy
Corigliano, John
Corish, Vanessa
Corl, Matthew H.
Cormack, Rennie
Cornelius, Brett
Cornelius, Dale
Cornelius, Eddie
Cornelius, Harold
Cornelius, Maxwell
Cornell, Chris
Cornell, Don
Cornell, Steve
Cornell, W.D.
Corner, C
Corney, David
Cornick, Mike
Cornish, Jessica
Cornish, Phillip
Cornwell, Hugh
Coronel, Steve
Corous, Jeff
Corpse Bride, The
Corr, Andrea
Corr, Caroline
Corr, James
Corr, Jim
Corr, Sharon
Corradi, Violaine
Corradini, Claudio
Correa, William
Corrette, M.
Corries, The
Corrigan, Brad
Corrs, The
Corso, Terence
Corso, Vincent
Cortazar, Ernesto M.
Cortelezzi, Louis
Cortes, Quirino Mendoza y
Cortez, Jaime
Corti, Jean
Corum, Casey
Cory Chisel And The Wandering Sons
Cory, David Lee
Cory, George
Cory, Julia C.
Cosby, Henry
Cosenza, Lucille
Cosgrove, Berny
Cosgrove, Mike
Cosgrove, Miranda
Coslow, Sam
Cosma, Vladimir
Cossom, Kevin
Cossum, Kevin
Costa, Anthony
Costa, Charles
Costa, David
Costa, Dom
Costa, Don
Costa, Mary
Costa, Nikka
Costandinos, Robert
Costanzo, Marc
Costello, Bartley C.
Costello, Elvis
Coster, Tom
Costin, Darren
Coston, Michael
Cosy, Lee
Cote, Jean-Francois
Cotrell, Travis
Cotten, Elizabeth
Cotten, Joanna
Cotten, Michael
Cotter, Jared
Cotter, Jeanne
Cotter, Seamus
Cottle, Tameka
Cotto, Benjamin
Cotton Club Parade
Cotton, Billy
Cotton, Hal
Cottone, Maegan
Cottrau, Teodoro
Cottrell, Angela
Cottrell, Jack
Cottrell, Travis
Cottura, Toni
Coty, Neal
Couch, Dan
Cougle, Josh
Cougle, Joshua
Coulais, Bruno
Coulter, Ericka
Coulter, Phil
Coulter, William
Coulton, Jonathan
Count Basie Orchestra
Counting Crows
Country Gentlemen, The
Country Girl, The
Country Strong
Couperin, Ccile
Couperin, Franois
Coupland, Benjamin
Cour, Pierre
Courage, Alexander
Courteeners, The
Courtin-Wilson, Amiel
Courtland, Jerome
Courtney, C.C.
Courtney, David
Courtney, Vicki Tucker
Courtship of Eddie's Father
Courtville, Rafael
Cousins, David
Cousins, Richard
Coutts, David Michael
Coutts, Duncan
Covay, Don
Covay, Donald
Covenant Worship
Cover Girl
Coverdale, David
Covington, Bucky
Cowan, Frederick
Cowan, James A
Cowan, Marie
Cowan, Nic
Cowan, Stanley
Coward, Buster
Coward, Noel
Cowart, Benji
Cowboy Church Sunday School
Cowboy Song
Cowboys, The
Cowell, Johnny
Cowell, Simon
Cowen, Kevin
Cowley, Steve
Cowling, Lisa
Cowper, William
Cowsills, The
Cox II, Larry
Cox, Aaron Michael
Cox, Andrew
Cox, Billy
Cox, Bradford
Cox, Bryan Michael
Cox, David
Cox, Deborah
Cox, Desmond
Cox, Don
Cox, Frances E.
Cox, J. Randolph
Cox, Jason
Cox, Jimmie
Cox, Joel
Cox, John
Cox, Justin
Cox, Mike
Cox, P.
Cox, Peter
Cox, Randy
Cox, Sidney L
Cox, Suzanne
Cox, Tim
Coxon, Graham
Coy, Stephen
Coyle, Nadine
Coyne, Wayne
Coyote Ugly
Cozier, Jimmy
Cozzolani, Chiara Margarita
Crabb Family, The

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