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About the free Guitar Guru software

What is it?
Guitar Guru provides interactive song sessions designed to help teach you how to play your favorite songs on guitar.

Our song-based learning software acts as your personal guitar teacher, allowing you to interact with the song to help you learn fingering, techniques and more. Each Guitar Guru Session is accompanied by a guitar tab for your song.

Why do you want it?

  • Detailed, note-by-note instructions
  • Virtual fret board with real-time finger positions

    • Choose colored dots, numbers, or dots and numbers to represent fingerings
  • Adjustable playback/learning tempo (up to 300%)
  • Voice Command

    • Keep your hands on your guitar
    • Control nearly every function of Guitar Guru using simple voice commands
  • MIDI or CD-Synched/MP3/WMA-synched Audio

    • Use your CD or MP3/WMA files as an audio track, or use the included MIDI.
  • Step-Through Playback Function

    • Step through each event (fingering change, strum, etc.) at any speed using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
    • Repeat an event using the down arrow on your keyboard.
  • Customizable display with additional guitar skins

    • Learn on acoustic, electric or bass guitar.
    • Learn the bass parts with Bass Guru Sessions.
  • Over 2,500 songs now available
  • Bonus printable guitar tab included with every song!

Detailed Installation Instructions

You will have to Quit and restart your browser, for it to recognize Guitar Guru.

Step 1 - Download Guitar Guru

To begin installation of Guitar Guru, please click on the link below to download the Guitar Guru installer.

If your download hasn't already started, click here to download Guitar Guru

When prompted, select the Save or Keep option.


Step 2 - Start Installer

Select the icon.


On the "Open File - Security Warning" window, click the Run button again.


Step 3 - Install Guitar Guru Software

Click the "Next" button on the "Welcome to the Guitar Guru Setup Wizard" screen.


Read the License Agreement. If you agree, choose the "I accept the agreement" option and the click the "Next" button.


Select the default options on the following windows that appear during installation and press "Next" or "Install" until installation is complete.

Once you've successfully completed installation of the Guitar Guru software, it's time to start playing your music!

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