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Backup Vocals, Voice, Strum and 5 Guitars TAB Sheet Music

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Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music Holding on To Heaven
by Mike Kroeger and Chad Kroeger
performed by Nickelback
Guitar Guru Session King of Pain
by Sting
performed by The Police
Guitar Guru Session Lorelei
by James Young and Dennis DeYoung
performed by Styx
Guitar Guru Session Mama, I'm Coming Home
by Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde
Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music Metropolis - Part 1 "The Miracle and The Sleeper"
by Mike Portnoy, James Labrie, Kevin Moore, John Myung
and John Petrucci
performed by Dream Theater
Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music No Son of Mine
by Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford
performed by Genesis
Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music Push Your Head Towards the Air
by Tom Smith, Russell Leetch, Christopher Urbanowicz
and Edward Lay
performed by Editors

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