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Voice and 3 Guitars TAB Sheet Music

Style Index

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Adult Alternative Country-Rock Movie/TV
Adult Contemporary Cowboy Neo-Psychedelia
Album Rock Crossover Jazz New Traditionalist
Alternative Dance-Rock New Wave
Alternative CCM Dark Wave New Wave/Post-Punk Revival
Alternative Country Death Metal Noise-Rock
Alternative Country-Rock Electric Blues Old-Time Country
Alternative Folk Emo Piano Rock
Alternative Metal Ethnic Fusion Pop
Alternative Pop/Rock Europop Pop Rock
American Trad Rock Experimental Pop-Metal
Americana Country Father's Day Post-Grunge
Arabian Folk Post-Punk
Arena Rock Folk-Pop Power Pop
Art-Rock/Progressive Folk-Rock Progressive Big Band
Avant-Garde Funk Progressive Country
Black Metal Funk Metal Progressive Metal
Blues Fusion Psychedelic
Blues Rock Garage Rock Revival Punk
Boogie Rock Goth Metal Punk Revival
Brill Building Pop Goth-Rock Punk-Pop
Brit-Pop Graduation R&B
British Grunge Rap-Metal
British Blues Guitar Virtuoso Rap-Rock
British Invasion Hair-Metal Reggae
British Metal Hard Rock Religious
British Punk Heartland Rock Rock
British Trad Pop Heavy Metal Rock & Roll
British Trad Rock Holiday & Special Occasion Rockabilly
Bubblegum Honky Tonk Country Roots-Rock
CCM Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter
Chamber Pop Indie Rock Soft Rock
Christian Industrial Metal Soundtrack
Christian Rock Jam Band Southern Rock
Christmas Jangle-Pop Speed Metal
Christmas - Secular Jazz Blues Standards
Classic Rock Jazz-Funk Texas Blues
Club/Dance Jazz-Pop Thrash
College Rock Jazz-Rock Traditional Country
Contemporary Country Latin Traditional Pop
Contemporary Folk Lo-Fi Urban Folk
Contemporary Jazz Love Vocal Jazz
Country Mersey Rock Vocal Pop
Country-Pop Modern Electric Blues World

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Last updated: Thursday, May 19, 2016