6 of the Most Interesting Musical Instruments From Around the World

6 of the Most Interesting Musical Instruments From Around the World

In Western music, we frequently leverage the familiar sounds of instruments like the guitar, bass, piano, drums, and trumpet. Yet, these are just the beginning when it comes to instruments. Here's a glimpse into world music, highlighting some of the most unique and captivating instruments from diverse cultures around the globe.

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  1. Koto 
    1. Country: Japan
    2. Characteristics: 13 movable strings and bridges, allowing for a variety of pitch levels.
  2. Didgeridoo
    1. Country: Australia
    2. Characteristics: A unique wind instrument crafted from tree branches and trunks, producing a deep sound mastered through specific techniques.
  3. Rondador
    1. Country: Ecuador
    2. Characteristics: A set of bamboo or cane pipes capable of playing melody and harmony simultaneously.
  4. Kora
    1. Country: The Gambia
    2. Characteristics: Harp-like in design and technique, but comes fitted with a gourd resonator and 21 strings. 
  5. Erhu
    1. Country: China
    2. Characteristics: Two-string long-neck fiddle played with a bow, dating back thousands of years.
  6. Taūs
    1. Country: India
    2. Characteristics: Features a fretboard with strings played using a bow, with a unique peacock-shaped bottom.


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