6 Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids & Adults

6 Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids & Adults
Many people might think that music lessons are only for kids, but really music lessons have benefits for all ages. It builds confidence, improves memory, and helps in other areas related to mental health and strength. So, if you think you’re too old to start learning a new instrument, we’re here to prove you wrong
6 Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids & Adults

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  1. Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids
    1. Increases Intelligence
      1. Studies show music lessons for just a few weeks increased brain activity
    2. Confidence
      1. Nothing builds confidence better than learning a new skill and seeing success in it
    3. Increases Math Skills
      1. Children learning music are also learning fractions, division, short-term memory, memory, and more
    4. Increases Dexterity & Motor Skills
      1. Helps to develop coordination, motor skills, ambidextrous skills, coordination, and more
    5. Improves Patience
      1. Teaches children that practice leads to success and that practice takes time
    6. Encourages Creativity
      1. Once children learn the framework of music, they can have creative freedom to explore
  2. Benefits of Music Lessons for Adults
    1. Decreases Stress & Anxiety
      1. Music lessons help adults focus on the task at hand and to leave other stressors at the door, if only for a short time
    2. Prevents Alzheimer’s
      1. Studies show that learning an instrument or listening to music reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s
    3. Enhances Problem-Solving
      1. One requirement of playing an instrument is problem-solving and learning this will help in other areas of life as well
    4. Increase Social Skills
      1. Learning an instrument opens the door to opportunities through group lessons or joining a band
    5. Helps Learn Other Languages
      1. Learning music is learning a new language, which then gives the skills needed to learn a second or even third language
    6. Improves Patience and Discipline
      1. Progress means staying patience and having the discipline to keep going even when it’s difficult


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