A Symphony of Sounds: The Best Classical Music for Beginners on Piano

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Just as a symphony is made up of four movements, we will break down some of the best classical piano music for beginners into four parts. Using the works of ten famous classical composers, we have curated the best classical music for beginners piano.

The First Movement: Baroque Composers

These three composers were among the most well-known artists during the Baroque era of classical music, which lasted from 1600 to 1750.

Antonio Vivaldi

This Italian composer wrote over 500 concertos. He was ordained a priest at the age of 25 and eventually became known as the "Red Priest," due to his red hair. His most famous work is the Four Seasons, which is a group of four concertos that pay tribute to each season. Each concerto is accompanied by sonnets that are allegedly composed by Vivaldi himself. Although originally written for the violin, there are easy piano compositions that have been created for the individual concertos, "Spring," "Summer," "Autumn," and "Winter."

Johann Sebastian Bach

This German composer was orphaned at only 10 years of age. With over 1,000 pieces of music under his belt, he is considered one of the greatest composers of all time. Some beginner Bach piano compositions have been created for "Air on the G String," which is part of his orchestral Suite No. 3 in D minor. Novice pianists can also find Bach music notes for "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," which is the 10th movement of his cantata, “Herz und Mund Tat und Leben.”

George Handel

This German composer is known for his operas, sacred oratorios, and instrumental compositions. Although much of his private life is unknown, we can still enjoy playing his music today. Two pieces to look for include "Hallelujah!," which is the chorus in his work, "Messiah," and "Sarabande in D Minor", which is also referred to as "Suite de pièces Vol. 2, No. 4." Many of Handel's music pieces can be heard in modern movies and television series.

The Second Movement: Classical Composers

The Viennese classical era took place between 1750 and 1840, and gave rise to some of the most popular composers. These two artists are familiar to the non-musical crowd as well.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Arguably the most well-known composer of all time, Mozart is known for being a child musical prodigy. This Austrian composer started composing music at the tender age of 5 and was appointed as an honorary Konsetmeister in the Salzberg court when he was only 13 years old. You can find many of Mozart's pieces of classical piano music for beginners, including "Agnus Dei," which is part of his famous unfinished "Requiem," and "Rondo Alla Turca," which is the third movement in his Sonata No. 11 in A major.

Ludwig van Beethoven

This famous German composer is known for creating excellent music pieces even after becoming completely deaf. "Für Elise," or Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor, is considered one of the best classical music for piano beginners and is a familiar favorite. "Moonlight Sonata," or "Sonata quasi una fantasi" is another beloved Beethoven piece that has been featured in many movies, including Interview with the Vampire. There are many variations available for aspiring pianists. Browse Beethoven sheet music today.

The Third Movement: The Bridge Between Classical and Romantic Composers

These two artists are part of both the Viennese classical and romantic eras of classical music.

Franz Schubert

This Austrian composer was known for his unique melody and harmony in his songs and chamber music. Sadly, Schubert’s career was cut short when he died from typhoid fever at only 31 years old. Easy piano pieces can be found for "Ave Maria," also referred to as "Ellen's Third Song," and "Waltz in B Minor," which is part of his Op. 18 No. 6.

Frederic Chopin

This Polish-French composer published his first composition at only 7 years old. Chopin was part of high society as a piano teacher and was friends with Franz Liszt and Felix Mendelssohn. Easy Chopin compositions can be found in his most famous piece, "Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2" and the non-traditional "Mazurka in A Minor." The latter piece was featured as an orchestral instrumentation for the movie Empire of the Sun.

The Fourth Movement: Romantic Composers

The Romantic era of classical music took place between 1830 and 1900. These three composers created pieces that are frequently featured in modern movies, shows, and books.

Franz Liszt

This Hungarian composer is known for his virtuoso works. Liszt aspired to become a priest but was never ordained. Much of his later music was centered around religion. You can find pieces of his classical piano music for beginners, such as "La Campanella," which is the third of his six "Grandes etudes de Paganini," and the sad "Nocturne No. 3," also referred to as "Liebestraum."

Johannes Brahms

This German composer was known for his symphonies, concerts, chamber music, and choral compositions. He befriended the famous composer, Robert Schumann, and his wife, Clara, with whom he became infatuated. Beginner compositions can be found for the beloved "Brahms' Lullaby," which is part of his Op. 29, No. 4. You can also find easy arrangements for "Hungarian Dance No. 5 in F# Minor." Brahms had thought this tune was a traditional folk song and had published this piece under his name. However, it was an original piece by Bela Keer.

Claude Debussy

This French composer was inspired by the Impressionist and Symbolist painters of his time. His dream-like pieces can be heard today, including "Clair de Lune" and "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair," which was inspired by a poem written by Leconte de Lisle. Both of Debussy’s pieces have been recorded frequently.

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