Infographic: The Power of Music

Check out this infographic that includes a few examples of the power of music and why it’s so important to our society’s health!

The Power of Music

Music has empowered people for centuries, influencing people with the times and events that are taking place. Music has the ability to take us to new places, inspire us, motivate us, make us happy, make us sad, and a multitude of other things. Here are a few examples of the power of music and why it’s so important to our society’s health.

Infographic: The Power of Music

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  1. Inspires Creativity
    1. When we lack inspiration,  music can help us return to it. When creating, depending on the type of music we listen to, it can open up the floodgates of creativity.
    2. Music is expressed in a multitude of creative ways, which can create further inspiration in others.
  2. Motivates
    1. High energy music like rock can affect enthusiasm and passion.
    2. Singing with others inspires people to keep going, despite hard times.
  3. Relaxes
    1. Classical music is known to help with stress, anxiety, and depression.
    2. Research reveals that relaxing music reduces cortisol, the hormone related to stress.
  4. Transports
    1. Music can take you back to a previous time or put you in a foreign culture.
    2. When listening to movie soundtracks, it can transport you into a fantasy world, or a galaxy far, far away.
  5. Unifies
    1. No matter what is happening in the world, what boundaries exist, or what language barriers are present, music brings people of all types together.
    2. Concerts are an example of unity, bringing together large groups of people who enjoy the same songs and bands.
  6. Tells a Story
    1. Music from different cultures tells a story of their difficulties and way of life.
    2. Music inspires and is inspired by the times. The 80s proved to be more positive and upbeat, while the 90s introduced grunge and a more cynical view of the world.



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Published on October 11, 2022