Easy Piano Music from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

If you're a fan of Taylor Swift and want to learn to play the music from her ongoing tour, you've come to the right place!

Lavender Haze Sheet Music - Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Do you know a Taylor Swift fan who has been inspired by her Eras Tour to learn some of her music on the piano?

Full-length pop songs can be a big undertaking for newer piano students because they’re often many pages long, in difficult keys and have tricky rhythms. A lot of times, the piano transcriptions of pop songs are technically challenging and don’t work well for piano students.

We’ve scoured the Musicnotes library to find the best Taylor Swift arrangements for piano students. These arrangements are suitable for students who are comfortable reading music on the grand staff and have at least a couple of years of piano lesson experience.

Some things you’ll notice about most of these songs:

  • Pop arrangements can be quite long. Many piano students might be used to playing up to 2-3 pages of music at a time, but most of these arrangements are 6-8 pages long. It can feel really overwhelming to a less-experienced piano student to have so many pages to learn. It might make sense to make cuts or find ways to abridge these arrangements if your student isn’t up for taking on a huge arrangement.
  • We’ve specifically looked for arrangements that will fit well under a piano student’s hand. Most of these arrangements focus on only the melody in the right hand with occasional harmony notes sprinkled in. The left hand is often a single bass note or smaller interval like a 3rd or a 5th. We’ve avoided arrangements that have big chords or large, octave leaps. If you have an intermediate or advanced student looking for bigger arrangements, they’re easy to find on musicnotes.com
  • Vocal lines can be hard to replicate on the piano. It’s easy for singers to let complex rhythms or many repeated notes roll right out of their mouths, but those notes often sound clunky on the piano. It might not make sense to teach your students to count out the complex rhythms in the same way they would a piano solo, but instead to focus on replicating the quality and flow of Taylor’s voice. This can be done by listening to the song, singing along to internalize the rhythm and keeping a light touch on the piano so that the shorter and repeated notes can move easier.
  • Most of these arrangements are in keys that are manageable for piano students - up to 2 sharps are flats.
  • When possible, we’ve included Beginner Notes arrangements. These arrangements are in a lead-sheet format that is a larger print and would be the way to go for a younger student who isn’t a strong reader yet. The note names are printed on each note, and there are chord symbols that could be interpreted as a full chord, a single bass note or left out completely for a newer student.

The Lover Era

Jennifer Eklund: "You Need to Calm Down"

The Fearless Era

Taylor Swift "Love Story" Sheet Music
"Love Story" Sheet Music

The Evermore Era

Taylor Swift "willow" Sheet Music
"Willow" Sheet Music

The Reputation Era

Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" Sheet Music
"Look What You Made Me Do" Sheet Music

The Speak Now Era

Taylor Swift "Enchanted" Sheet Music
"Enchanted" Sheet Music

The Red Era

Jennifer Eklund: "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

The Folklore Era

Taylor Swift Cardigan Sheet Music
"cardigan" Sheet Music

The 1989 Era

Taylor Swift "Wildest Dreams" Sheet Music
"Wildest Dreams" Sheet Music

The Midnights Era

Piano Tutorial Easy: "Anti-Hero"

Enjoy the music! Find all of Taylor Swift's arrangements here!

This post was written by Megan, piano teacher and author of Pianissimo: A Very Piano Blog. Visit her website for more piano related blogs for teachers, parents, students, and all things piano.