What’s New This Week: 1/17/24

Here's our recommended new selections this week, including songs from Wonka, The Beatles, and more!

What’s New This Week: 1/17/24

Check out our top new arrangements this week! Be sure to check out our selections below, and click here for all our new songs!

·  “For a Moment” from Wonka: From the recently released prequel Wonka, the character Noodle sings about the joy of living in Wonka's world and forgetting about your troubles, and Willy Wonka joins in this duet. This sweet song features a great melody and an accessible broken chord piano accompaniment, so bring along a friend to sing this fun duet!

·  “Silhouettes” by Jacob's Piano: This beautiful original piano solo by Signature Artist Jacob’s Piano begins with a simple chord progression and continues to elaborate on that progression throughout the piece. This advanced arrangement includes syncopation and triplet patterns, so be sure to bring out the musicality of this melodically simple yet technically complex piece.

·  “Wellerman” by Jacob Narverud: A surprising Sea Shanty hit on TikTok a couple years ago, Signature Artist Jacob Narverud introduces an SSA choral arrangement of this song. This is a fun option for high school women's choirs, and it features some interesting dissonances. Add some extra entertainment with this piece by adding in some simple choreography! *Additional voicing options are available here.

·  “This Little Light of Mine” by William Haviland: A classic gospel piece, this piano solo arrangement by Signature Artist William Haviland is a great option for special music at a church service, or it could be performed as an inspirational solo at other special events. The gospel feel shines through this accessible piece, so be sure to bring out the well-known melody.

·  “In My Life” by Lisa Donovan Lukas: Originally by The Beatles with lyrics written by John Lennon, this is the first song John wrote about his life, and it includes a beautiful, memorable melody. This intermediate piano solo arrangement by Signature Artist Lisa Donovan Lukas features some sixteenth note passages in the middle, and it’s a great song to practice playing in the key of A Major. *Also available in easy and advanced.

·  “Estrellita” by Deanna Durbin: Composer Manuel Ponce was known for bringing Mexican folk songs into classical venues in the 20th century. He composed “Estrellita” in 1912, and this is his best known work. This Spanish piece is usually performed by lyric sopranos since the melody contains jumps to high notes that are to be sung lightly. The title translates to “little star,” and the performer is telling the star that she hopes that her beloved loves her back. Famously performed by Deanna Durbin, enjoy discovering one of our newest Musicnotes Editions!


Unique Pick of the Week

·  “Flowers” by Peter Buka: Originally a hit for Miley Cyrus, this advanced arrangement by Signature Artist Peter Buka includes a lot of looping techniques, which means recording a musical pattern and having it play repeatedly in the background as added layers to the song. This particular arrangement includes loops on the piano, synthesizer, snare drum, and bass drum, but if you don’t happen to have drums around the house, get creative with alternative instruments! Click here to learn more about looping in music, and find out what tools you might need in order to rock this arrangement!


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