Guitar Guru Themes & Skins

Currently for your PC. Mac Skins coming soon!

Want a more personalized experience with Guitar Guru? Now you can choose from five, additional fret boards to match your guitar and enjoy a customized song learning session. Follow these simple instructions to import the skin of your choice and get more out of Guitar Guru today.

How to Download & Install Guitar Skins

To download and install your new Guitar Guru skin, follow these simple step-by-step instructions.

1.) Choose the Skin you'd like to download and click on the 'download' link.

2.) Double-click the downloaded file to begin.

3.) Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Once you've finished installing and downloading your new skin, you can instantly access it from Guitar Guru. Here's how:

1.) Open Guitar Guru.

2.) Click on the View menu.

3.) Click "Guitar Skin" and choose your desired skin.

Now you're ready to learn your favorite songs in a whole new way!

Gibson Les Paul Custom Style

Martin Acoustic Style

Fender Stratocaster Style (Maple Neck)

Fender Stratocaster Style (Rosewood Neck)

Aria Classical Style

Fender Precision Bass Style