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The Owl Old Lavender Piano/Vocal
No Wealth without Labor The Grip Piano/Vocal
School Days The Grip Piano/Vocal
Where the Sweet Magnolia Grows Pete Piano/Vocal
I'm a Terror to All The Lorgaire Piano/Vocal
Maggie Murphy's Home Reilly and the 400 Piano/Vocal
My Dad's Dinner Pail Cordelia's Aspirations Piano/Vocal
The Hole in the Wall Marty Malone Piano/Vocal
The Charleston Blues McSorley's Inflation Piano/Vocal
Mcnally's Row of Flats McSorley's Inflation Piano/Vocal
Tu-Ri-Ad-I-Lum; Or, Santa Claus Has Come The Mulligan Guards' Christmas Piano/Vocal
Our Front Stoop Edward Harrigan Piano/Vocal
The Beauty of Limerick Edward Harrington Piano/Vocal
The Skidmore Fancy Ball The Mulligan Guard Ball Piano/Vocal
Oh, My! How We Posé! McAllister's Legacy Piano/Vocal
Extra! Extra! Old Lavender Piano/Vocal
Please to Put That Down Old Lavender Piano/Vocal
Sweetest Love Old Lavender Piano/Vocal
Baxter Avenue The Leather Patch Piano/Vocal
Denny Grady's Hack The Leather Patch Piano/Vocal
It Showered Again The Leather Patch Piano/Vocal
Put on Your Bridal Veil The Leather Patch Piano/Vocal
The Little Hedge School The O'Reagans Piano/Vocal
Strolling on the Sands The O'Reagans Piano/Vocal
Mulberry Springs The O'Reagans Piano/Vocal
The Aldermanic Board The Grip Piano/Vocal
Grogan, the Masher! The Grip Piano/Vocal
Oh! Dat Low Bridge! The Grip Piano/Vocal
The Soldier Boy's Canteen The Grip Piano/Vocal
Have One with Me? McNooney's Visit Piano/Vocal