If you’ve ever auditioned or wanted to audition for a Disney musical, you might be interested in a song that isn’t actually from Disney. What sort of music works for the audition and still is Disney-adjacent? Well, musical theater actor and coach Julie Galorenzo is here to help you out!

In this TikTok video, she goes through a full list of recommendations that different singers can use at a Disney musical audition. Check it out, the video, then grab the sheet music at the link below! 🎼

By Voice Type:


Mixy Sopranos

Belters/Mixy Belters



By Character or Character Type:



Motherly Role (ex: Mrs. Potts)

Fun/Silly Villain

  • “It’s Hard to Be The Diva” from Starmites

Goofy Sidekick



Tuck Everlasting: The Musical

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Julie Galorenzo is a New York City based actor and has performed in hundreds of musicals across the country. She is a proud graduate of the acting & musical theatre program at Marymount Manhattan College. She runs her own business coaching “all things musical theatre” and specializes in audition and college audition preparation.

TikTok & Instagram: @juliegalorenzocoaching

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