Have you ever heard a song and wondered what it would sound like in a different arrangement or genre? We’re huge fans of Postmodern Jukebox–a group that does just that!

Postmodern Jukebox, also widely known by the acronym PMJ, is a rotating musical collective founded by arranger and pianist Scott Bradlee in 2011. PMJ is known for reworking popular modern music into different vintage genres, especially early 20th century forms such as swing and jazz. Here are 5 of our favorite Postmodern Jukebox tunes that we think are better than the originally recorded songs!

1. “Creep” featuring Haley Reinhart

Originally by Radiohead, Postmodern Jukebox‘s jazzy arrangement of “Creep” is absolutely breathtaking. Full of lush harmony, vocal scatting, and an epic key change, Postmodern Jukebox and Haley Reinhart put an unforgettable spin on this classic song.

2. “Black Hole Sun” featuring Haley Reinhart

With an orchestral jazz take on “Black Hole Sun,” Postmodern Jukebox and Haley Reinhart give this Soundgarden tune an entirely new meaning.

3. “All of Me” featuring Kiah Victoria

After listening to the John Legend favorite “All of Me” in a vintage jazz style, you’ll feel like this song was made for this unique rendition.

4. “Closer” featuring Kenton Chen

This retro ’50s prom style version of the Chainsmokers / Halsey hit “Closer” will have you looking at this tune in a new light. The repetitive pop tune suddenly turns into a world of dynamics, funky rhythms, and full musical harmony.

5. “Shake It Off” featuring Von Smith

This vintage Motown cover of the smash Taylor Swift hit “Shake It Off” will leave your jaw on the floor. The incredible vocal versatility from Von Smith matched with the tight brass ensemble makes for an unforgettable performance that we’ve fallen in love with!

These are only 5 of the countless amazing Postmodern Jukebox covers out there, so if you like what you’re hearing (and we’re pretty sure you do), make sure to check out the rest of their amazing arrangements! And don’t forget to grab all of your Postmodern Jukebox sheets at Musicnotes.com.

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