When people hear the date “October 3rd”, many think of one thing: Mean Girls! In honor of that special day, we want to feature the incredible music of the Broadway show!

The original movie was released back in 2004 and enjoyed great success. That eventually lead to the creation of the exciting Broadway production of Mean Girls. Tina Fey, the writer of the hit movie, worked alongside director Casey Nicholaw, composer Jeff Richmond, and lyricist Nell Benjamin, among many others, to put this show together.

It features a variety of hit songs that you might already be familiar with, including “World Burn”, “I’d Rather Be Me”, “Stupid With Love” and more! To hear the cast recording of the full album, head over to Spotify or wherever you stream your music.

The Broadway Show

Here’s a quick video to give you a look into the Broadway musical:

YouTube video

Sheet Music

We’ve got the sheet music so you can play and sing along with your favorite songs from the musical! Click on the titles below to check out the music for each song, or click here to see all of our Mean Girls arrangements in one place:

  1. “A Cautionary Tale”
  2. “It Roars”
  3. “Where Do You Belong?”
  4. “Meet The Plastics”
  5. “Stupid With Love”
  6. “Apex Predator”
  7. “What’s Wrong With Me?”
  8. “Sexy”
  9. “Someone Gets Hurt”
  10. “Revenge Party”
  11. “Fearless”
  12. “Stop”
  13. “More Is Better”
  14. “World Burn”
  15. “I’d Rather Be Me”
  16. “I See Stars”

As you can tell, the music is so “fetch”… so grab an arrangement (or two) and start practicing! 😜

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