We’re excited to share that Musicnotes Signature Artists Mat and Savanna Shaw recently released a new album and all of the sheet music is available on our website! But first, if you don’t know much about them, we’re here to fill you in.

Mat and Savanna Shaw are a father-daughter duo from Utah who rose to prominence during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Savanna, eager to keep in touch with her music friends, started a music social media account. Normally a shy and private teenager, she was nervous to sing her first song by herself, so she asked her dad to join her in singing “The Prayer.” And that’s where it all took off!

After that video went viral, Mat and Savanna continued releasing duets on social media and streaming platforms, with singles charting in both the US and UK. They quickly garnered a worldwide following resulting in over a half million YouTube subscribers. Some of their videos include beautiful renditions of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “All I Ask of You,” “A Million Dreams,” and more!

They have now had multiple albums hit #1 on several iTunes and Billboard charts. Kelly Clarkson called them “incredibly gifted” and Good Morning America said that “this father-daughter duo’s music is bringing hope.” The duo was even introduced by Broadway star Sierra Boggess (The Phantom of the Opera, The Little Mermaid) before their performance during the livestream “What the World Needs Now”!

“This whole music thing has given me a voice that I definitely didn’t have before. It’s given me a confidence that I’ve never had in my life before.”

Savanna Shaw in her interview with Deseret News

Mat and Savanna’s uplifting song choices and harmonies have inspired people the world over. They have a passion for using music for good – often supporting charities, good causes, and providing inspiration with their performances. Their goal is to share hope and spread joy through music.

And they’re just getting started! Late last year, the duo dropped their newest album. Entitled “Picture This,” this powerful and beautiful album features songs like “Hallelujah,” “Remember Me,” and “What the World Needs Now is Love.”
You can grab the sheet music for their newest album on Musicnotes.com!

Check out some of Mat and Savanna’s performances on national television:

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Good Morning America

Inside Edition

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