Pianos are beautiful and elegant instruments, but when it comes to placing one in your home or business, it can be a bit tricky to find the perfect space. Immediately dominating the room due to their size, pianos can either create a visual masterpiece or look a bit awkward and misplaced. We think your piano should stand out for the beautiful instrument it is, so we’re giving you 10 Ways to Decorate Around Your Piano!

1. Pick a Theme

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This is a perfect opportunity to geek out over your favorite thing! Whether it’s your favorite musical artist, travel destination, or animal, picking a theme can be a great way to dress up your piano. You can even choose your family as the theme, decorating your piano with photos and family heirlooms. Check out this example of a travel-inspired theme:

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2. Choose a Color Scheme

There’s just something so aesthetically pleasing when everything looks like it goes together. Try using the largest pattern in your space for color scheme inspiration! Take colors from a large, elegant rug, or even from your favorite piece of art. Another strategy is limiting the color scheme to just three colors; narrowing down your scheme will help create a more cohesive space and makes it easier for your piano to fit in rather than awkwardly stand out.

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Color scheme is also important to think about when placing a piano in a larger room with a lot of furniture. Darker pianos fit well with lighter furniture, and lighter pianos fit well with darker furniture. The contrast between the two creates depth in your room, rather than everything matching and getting muddled together.

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3. ‘Tis the Season

If you’re one of those people who goes all-out when decorating for each season, you may as well decorate your piano, too! Adding seasonal decorations to your piano is a fun way to keep things fresh throughout the year. Use the color and style of your piano as your base color, then decorate using colors that complement the hue of your piano. Below is a great example of how a subdued green, white, and red palette around the piano’s brown hue welcomes the Christmas season into the space.

A Cozy Christmas in the Suburbs | Canadian Bloggers Christmas Home Tour

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4. Keep it Musical

For those that are actually practicing on their pianos every day, it may be a good idea to keep your piano room an actual musical room. For this space, it’s all about what inspires you and keeps you motivated to play. Try balancing the space with white walls and floors, like the picture below, so any brighter colors can be eye-catching but not overpowering. It will definitely help you stay motivated and focused throughout your practice!

(Image credit: Kristen Loken)

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5. Set the Mood

Another way to maximize your piano practicing time is to create a relaxed environment with your decor. Cool grays and off-whites can help make the room feel airy and light, and adding a few candles, small photos, small plants, or whatever it takes to help you relax can make it easier for you to concentrate and play.


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6. Be a Minimalist

Minimalist decorators everywhere have proved that a little can go a long way! This kind of decoration is especially effective if you have a detailed piano (like one with a marble pattern) or a large grand piano. Sometimes, simple is best!

minimalist home decor with piano / sfgirlbybay

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Another way to achieve the minimalist look is to simply let your piano be the center of attention. Sometimes a piano is just beautiful enough that it doesn’t need any accessories. In this case, you’ll need to create space in your room, perhaps in a corner or nook, by moving your furniture around the piano. This will allow your piano to look like it’s there on purpose, naturally drawing eyes and attention.

So beautiful. Grand piano with mountains right behind, I wouldn't mind playing that.

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7. Channel Mother Nature

Plants definitely bring a fun and homey vibe to any room. If you’re not committed to the upkeep, grab a few succulents or fake plants! Also, be cautious of plants that are overly moist or require a lot of water, as the humidity can mess with the tuning of your piano.

Colors seen together in nature always work well in decorating a home, especially when pairing two most-popular earth tones: brown and green. Using different shades of green and brown around your piano will help give your space a more multi-toned look.

(Image credit: Erica Chan)

For a less extreme look, try adding one larger sized plant or bouquet of flowers. This looks particularly nice on larger pianos, including grand pianos.

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8. Work It into Your Music Library

Or your regular library! Working books around your piano is not only a great decoration, but it’s practical, too. If you have a lot of books or extra decor, try keeping the color of any bookshelves light, like pictured below, to help keep the space feeling open and decluttered.

(Image credit: Lovely Life)

If you need a place to escape from hectic and busy days, darker bookshelves can create a more tranquil and relaxed feel in your room. Try pairing dark bookshelves with dark furniture and flooring as well, like the picture below.

Hanging light bulbs, giant windows, baby grand...Add a comfier couch and you'd have me sold.

Image credit: olsonkundigarchitects.com

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9. Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors have commonly been hung in order to make spaces feel bigger and brighter. Why not try the same thing with your piano room? Need help staying focused while playing? On the opposite walls that are reflected in the mirror, try hanging muted-colored frames and pictures, like pictured below, so your eyes aren’t as easily distracted. Otherwise, hang brightly colored art or musical decor so the mirror will help reflect your personality more!

It's a unique problem, but no less worthy of attention than how to dress a gallery wall or what to do when your kitchen's too small. The presence of a piano in the room can be seriously demanding on decor. Here are more than a dozen rooms who've mastered it.

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10. Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls can be a grouping of photos, paintings, mirrors, and anything else you could think of! It’s a fun chance to make something your own. Find frames that complement your piano hue to really make the space feel cozy and unique.

(Image credit: damselindior)

Gallery walls also serve as excellent backdrops for grand pianos. We recommend something subtle and not too distracting, as grand pianos generally grab attention on their own.

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We hope that these piano decorating tips have left you inspired and overflowing with ideas. But, most importantly, we hope you can’t wait to get back to playing your piano! #StayMusical!

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