There are some jokes that only choir kids can appreciate. Here are a few of our favorites!

Choir Starter Pack

Only the necessities!

Choir Sections as Described by Spongebob

The altos really are that dreamy.

A Day in the Life of Choir Rehearsal

Pay attention, tenors!

Auditioning for All-State

Well, it wouldn’t be an All-State audition if it was anything remotely close to what you’d practiced.

Choir Sections as Described by Michael Scott

We feel the conductor on a spiritual level.


The sheer volume…

Inside Jokes

You wouldn’t get it.

That Pesky Vocal Range

We all wish we could sing soprano. And bass.

Poor Basses

It’s a rough life.

Choir Room Rules

You can really strike a nerve with “Heart and Soul.”

The True Feeling of Fear

But you know you aren’t fooling anyone.

Choir As Described by Harry Potter

We can all identify with the conductor at times.

The “AH” Vowel Sound Mystery

We’ll probably never get it right.

Staggered Breathing

Staggered breathing in choir be like


It’s a fine line.

We hope you had a laugh or two, and found some great new material to bring to your next choir rehearsal! We’ll continue to add to this page as the memes become even more exceptional, so make sure to keep checking back for all the inside jokes.

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