Album artwork can either leave you really excited about new music or really confused. In these cases, we’re more than confused, and yet we can’t look away. Here are some of the weirdest album covers of all time.

The MiracleQueen

If this doesn’t weird you out right away, just look at the eyes…

Yesterday and TodayThe Beatles

Although this doesn’t seem real, we can assure you that it is. Luckily, The Beatles found an alternative cover for this album.

Live It UpCrosby Stills & Nash

We don’t know what this means, but suddenly we’re hungry?

McCartneyPaul McCartney

Okay, so maybe this is the back of the album cover, but is that a baby in his coat?

Circus In TownMerle Evans

Thank you for the nightmares, Merle.

Diamond DogsDavid Bowie

No “weird album art collection” is complete without David Bowie. And unfortunately, you need to see the front and back of this cover to get the full effect.

Thirty Seconds Over WinterlandJefferson Airplane

Toasters. With wings. And clocks?

It’s Me, Mum!Wally Whyton

We wonder if she’s proud.

WitnessKaty Perry

Here’s a fun “Would You Rather”: Would you rather have an eye in your mouth or two mouths on your eyes? 


Mellow GoldBeck

We’re not sure what we’re supposed to be looking at here.

Hello NastyBeastie Boys

You’ve got to fight! For your right! To lay in a sardine can?

Life In A Tin CanThe Bee Gees

Well, we suppose they took it the album name quite literally.

Mystery To MeFleetwood Mac

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring two things…

Love This Giant David Byrne & St. Vincent

You may have guessed it, but these two do not look like this. We’re not sure what it means, but suddenly we’re clenching our jaws?

Trout Mask ReplicaCaptain Beefheart

It’s not a matter or why he has a trout mask. It’s a matter of should he have a trout face. We think not.

Goin’ Back To MiamiWayne Cochran

We’d give anything for that kind of volume.

Born This WayLady Gaga

She’s certainly a glamorous transformer.

We can imagine your face is probably scrunched up in a mess of confusion by now. But as crazy as many of these album covers are, we’re still thankful for the music! Which cover did you think was the weirdest?

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