Often, musicians are not wowed by a movie because of its special effects, acting, or even storyline–but because of the music. The themes from these famous movies have woven their way into our culture, and when someone says “Harry Potter,” you almost can’t help but begin to hum Hedwig’s Theme in your head. But can you remember the famous composers behind these legendary movie scores? Take the quiz and find out!

Which composer wrote the score for Jurassic Park?

Which composer wrote the score for The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Elton John famously wrote many songs for Disney's The Lion King. Which composer also wrote several instrumental pieces for the film?

Which composer wrote the score for Jaws?

John Williams wrote the initial theme for Harry Potter and scored the first two films. Three other composers then contributed to the remaining films. Which of the following composers did NOT compose music for Harry Potter?

Which composer scored the Lord of The Rings Trilogy?

Which composer wrote the score for Finding Nemo?

Which composer wrote the score for Avatar?

Klaus Badelt was credited with writing the score for the first Pirates of the Caribbean film. Which composer scored the rest of the films?

Which composer scored the Back to the Future films?

Which composer scored E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial?

Which composer scored Star Wars?

Which composer wrote the score for Forrest Gump?

Which composer wrote the score for Inception?

Which composer is responsible for the animated film Tarzan?

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