Let’s be honest–when it comes to music terminology, there is a LOT to remember. It’s time to reach into the depths of the music theory vault in your mind and see if you can ace this quiz!

Which one of the following tempo terms indicates the SLOWEST bpm?

What is a Ritenuto?

What is the OPPOSITE of staccato?

Which SCALE DEGREE does the term SUPERTONIC refer to?

What is a Grace Note?

A short musical composition, typically for one instrument, designed as an exercise to improve the technique or demonstrate the skill of a player is known as a(n) ________________.

A leitmotif is a short, constantly recurring musical phrase associated with a particular _________.

The term "Tessitura" is associated with

What kind of song form indicates that all verses or stanzas of the text are sung to the same music?

What does Da Capo mean?

Which one of the following tempo terms indicates the FASTEST bpm?

Which of the following is a light, "joking" or playful musical form?

Which voice type would MOST COMFORTABLY fit into the range C4 - C6?

Which of the following is NOT a COMPOUND Time Signature?

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