So, it’s 2020, the year everything was canceled. As we come into the holiday season, it’s likely that many of our favorite Christmas gigs and performances have been canceled too.

Holiday piano recitals, school band, choir and orchestra concerts, holiday parties, local symphonies and choruses, church pageants, community holiday events – all of these fun and special traditions are being canceled, simplified or altered this year.

It’s really disappointing that we will miss out on some of our most festive and most-loved performances of the year.

However, music is incredibly healing, grounding and nurturing. And, in a year that has turned nearly everyone’s life upside down, we need music this holiday season more than ever.

If you’re a musician with spare time on your hands, get creative and find some ways to spread some musical Christmas cheer. There are tons of ways to share your music without gathering an audience or hosting a large event.

Christmas Caroling

Good old fashioned Christmas caroling can easily be a safe, socially distant activity. Especially with a small group of singers from your isolated bubble. Normally, carolers go right up to someone’s front door to sing, but it’s just as special to carol from the curb or the driveway.

If you’re not a singer, can you take your instrument for a short driveway performance, or even perform through a window to someone who can’t get out?

Outdoor Performances

Weather permitting, outdoor performances are a great option. Be careful not to draw too big of a crowd, even outside. Play in an area with plenty of space for listeners to spread out, allow people to come and go as they listen or keep your performance short.

Make A Video Greeting

Think of this option as a digital Christmas card. Instead of relying on snail mail, create a video greeting that features your own musical performance. Text or email it to friends and family. You could get fancy and make a well-edited video, or just pull out your smartphone and start recording. Either way, your recipients will love your unique Christmas greeting.

Live Stream A Performance

This certainly isn’t a new idea! Tons of musicians and musical groups are live streaming their performances right now.

There are many platforms that make it easy to live stream a performance – Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few common ones.

This is something you could do independently or coordinate with a group of other performers. The nice thing about live stream performances is that they can be recorded and shared later for people who can’t watch live.

Perform For Your Family

The people in your household or in your isolating bubble have probably heard you perform many times, but, if they’re your fans, they’d probably love to have their own private holiday performance.

Put on a show at home, but make it as close to the real thing as possible.

Plan a time and date in advance for your at-home performance. Put in the same kind of practice that you would commit to leading up to a larger event. Dress how you would have dressed for your performance. Present your program in the same way that you would have for the real deal.

We’re used to being casual for our family, but it would be a fun change of pace to spend time at home together a little differently.

Video Chat And Perform For Friends And Family

At-home performances don’t have to be just for your close family. There are many people that would love to hear from you over video chat to check out your latest musical work.

If you’re already doing an at-home performance for your household, you could easily include others via video chat. Or, you could give people a special call and perform for them separately.

Post Your Performance Videos To Your Social Media Accounts

Make a commitment to post regular performance videos to your social media accounts throughout the holiday season. You could post a song each week or day leading up to Christmas. You could post 12 days of Christmas videos either before Christmas or in the traditional 12 days following Christmas.

There’s a lot of sad, frustrating news floating around social media lately. Let’s lighten things up with some festive, cheerful music that everyone can enjoy from home.

However your holiday season shakes out this year, just don’t stop practicing your music. It’s easy to give up or to do nothing when plans get canceled, but keep the music and the Christmas spirit alive this year!

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 This post was written by Megan, piano teacher and author of Pianissimo: A Very Piano Blog. Visit her website for more piano related blogs for teachers, parents, students, and all things piano.

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