Valentine’s Day is all about telling that special someone how much you appreciate them, and musicians are no exception! This year, get the musician in your life the perfect card with some cheeky music notation, a classic composer pun, or just a simple little love “note.” We’ve put together 12 Musical Valentine’s Day Cards that we’re sure your Valentine will love, and we’ve even included some free printables!

1. Be Mine

Simple and to the point, this Valentine’s Day card is the perfect invitation for a night out with your Valentine!

2. Hold “Mi”

Using solfège, the syllable for the third scale degree in a major scale is “mi.” And of course, the fermata above the note indicates that it should be held. If your crush needs a hint in figuring this card out, tell them to think in the key of C Major!

3. Without You, Life Would Be Flat

This Valentine’s Day card is the perfect way to let your Valentine know how much they mean to you! Using the note name and accidental as a part of the sentence, all together it reads, “without you, life would be flat.”

4. I Like Your Face

Perfect for the more humorous Valentine, use the note names to tell a special someone, “I like your face.”

5. Sup, Babe?

Keep it cool with this card and use the notes to say “sup, babe” to your Valentine.

6. A Little Love Note

This little “love note” is sure to win the heart of your musical Valentine!

7. I Pick You

This Valentine’s Day card is perfect for guitarists, using a play on the word “pick” to say “I pick you!”

8. All The Right Notes

Tell your Valentine that they “hit all the right notes” with this Valentine’s Day card!

9. You’re Perfect

In music theory, a Perfect Authentic Cadence is a musical phrase that ends with a transition from the dominant (5) chord to the tonic (1) in root position. This card is for the music theory nerd in your life, and we think it’s perfect!

10. I Want You Bach

This card is for the one that got away. Tell them this Valentine’s Day that you want them back, and as they stare into the eyes of Johann Sebastian Bach, we think they’ll be convinced.

11. Too Hot To Handel

Spice it up this Valentine’s Day with George Frederic Handel and this cheeky card.

12. Bet On It

No one could forget this iconic musical number from High School Musical 2. Tell your Valentine they can bet on you this Valentine’s Day with just as much flair as Zac Efron flailing through a country club golf course.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for! Click here for free printables of these Valentine’s Day Cards. Make sure to read the directions on the first page and choose a heavy weighted paper for the best results. We’ve also included cards with blank staves so that you can add a personalized touch by filling in the clefs, time signatures, and notes yourself!

Still trying to find the perfect gift for your Valentine? We’ve got some ideas…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our musical Valentines! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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