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HEY YOU: thats right Im talking to you...including classical guitarists!

5/8/2017 2:28:39 AM

At the moment there are not (if any) finger style guitar arrangements of Hey You by Pink Floyd / Roger Waters. Generally what is available are bits and pieces spread throughout the world wide web. That is cool if your goal is to just know the unique song intro and/or the strumming patterns. However, none of it comes close to having a completed finger style guitar arrangement. It also has a Beethoven feel to it and thus might of interest to classical guitarists (that might be Floyd fans and wanting to expand on their performance material). I havent noticed the Beethoven feel and sound until I heard Kelly Valleau (the arranger of this performance piece) play it. You dont even have to perfect the percussive techniques that Kelly uses in order to play this song nicely on guitar. By the way, if this is a song you want to play than dont reinvent the wheel. I know it may seem little pricey but where else can you go to obtain a quality arrangement of Hey You as full finger style and/or classical guitar solo. Without possibly taking a course a music conservatory. You find an arrangement like this anywhere else. Get it today!

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Showing 1-1 of 1 Reviews