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Musicnotes At-a-Glance

  • Founded in 1998 in Madison, Wis., Musicnotes has pioneered the fair and legal e-commerce of downloadable sheet music.
  • Musicnotes works with and supports songwriters, artists and publishers of all sizes in nearly every country.
  • Our ever-expanding catalogue of digital sheet music includes over 400,000 arrangements covering every instrument and genre of music.
  • Musicnotes is proud to serve over 8 million distinct customers with over 50 million sheet music downloads since the company’s inception.
  • Over 150,000 daily visitors purchase 15,000 pieces of sheet music per day on

Brand Assets



Primary Blue

HEX: #22313F

RGB: 34/49/63

CMYK: 85/70/52/52

PMS: 539

Secondary Blue

HEX: #0272B3

RGB: 2/114/179

CMYK: 89/51/4/0

Accent Green

HEX: #A2BC35

RGB: 162/188/53

CMYK: 42/10/100/0